Safe and sound: new full-time guards help students and staff feel secure


Fabrice Michaud

The trademark blue coat with bold yellow letters on the back is letting us all know that safety is an increased priority around the building this year.

Fabrice Michaud and Kederson Pierre

At the front and back doors of the school, the brave guards watch like hawks, keeping our school safe.

A new environment has been created at Everett High as students are greeted in the morning by the new security in blue jackets, reminding them to follow rules, helping find lost items and more.  From watching cameras, stopping intruders from getting in, helping students and staff, and protecting Everett High School this school year, the new security team that was hired during the summer has been solving many problems at the school.

Vadeem Dalley is part of the new security team greeting everyone at the front and back doors this year (Christopher Portillo)

“I think it’s great,” math teacher John Erle said. “You don’t hear the door alarms going off as much anymore. Last year, we had a lot of fights and people were just running out, but now with the security presence, the behavior in the school has been a lot better.”

The security here do a great job of telling people to put their ID’s on, watching who gets in or out of the school, and are also friends to many students in the school. 

“I think it is good that the security guards are here,” special education teacher Randy Wills said. “It cuts down on students skipping in the bathrooms and stops people who don’t attend the school from getting in by making students wear IDs to identify them,” Willis said. “I’m also friends with one of them. His name is Carlos, I played basketball with him in the morning.”

“They have definitely helped with some issues that have happened here in the gym,” physical education teacher Chris Miller said. “I know that they are vigilant on the security camera and helping people get in and out of the building especially with students being tardy. So, yes, I think they bring a lot to the table.”

“I think it’s a very good idea to keep the school safe,” french teacher Pierre Valmera said. “To know who is in the building and stuff like that. I think it’s very important. There haven’t been any problems in the building as far as I know.”

“The security in EHS has allowed the students and staff to feel safer,” robotics teacher Jillian Ells said. “Knowing that there is someone at the front and back doors checking students and staff for IDs to make sure they belong there and maintain a safe environment.”

“The security in the school has improved since last yea,” junior Karianna Derosersai said. “They are being a bit over dramatic, but it’s better than last year; at least I know people are trying to keep it safe.” 

“The school has improved in the last year. I feel much safer in the school knowing everything is under control and the school has control again,” Derosersai said, “In a way it feels like a prison, you get super harassed. But I get that it’s to keep you safe and everything but if you forget it they punish you for simple mistakes.”

“I think it’s a good addition to our school,” health teacher Nicola Jones said. “The building is large with a lot of exterior doors and the issues with people getting in the building that don’t come here. I wish there was a world where these issues didn’t happen, but since it does happen, I think it’s a good addition.”