Strong, resilient football season exceeded expectations

The Crimson Tide Football team had a great season, finishing with an 8-2 overall record but losing in the second round of the playoffs. The team were underdogs whom no one expected to go far after the first loss at home. However, the team kept their hopes up and made it to the playoffs.

Senior Karmarri Ellerbe, the team’s quarterback, was a leader who helped the team to victory a lot over the course of the season.

“Losing was a challenge in Week One. We had to put in the work to get over it,” Ellerbe said. “After the Taunton win, the energy was electric, everyone was hyped and it felt good to have the city behind us. I think the captains and the players are the heart and soul of the team, not just one guy.”

“Karmarri Ellerbe is the heart and soul of the team,” sophomore Dontae Bauer said. “Every game we go into,  we get in our huddle after captains go out and he gets the team hyped and sets the tone for the game.” 

“The state wasn’t expecting a lot from us this year, especially after the tough loss against Xaverian,” sophomore Marvin Desruisseaux said. “But we bounced back after that, beating Taunton in that tough playoff environment in the first round.”

“Overall, I honestly love this team,” Bauer said. “ I feel like this team is going to get me to places in the future.” 

Everett’s football potential is certainly bright. The team spirit is amazing, with different coaches and players all bringing in something that makes the team special. 

“My coaches are super great,” sophomore Lorenzo Pizzaro said. “It’s a fun experience. You practice every day, it’s a lot of hardships.”

“I love my coach, the best coach I ever had,” freshman Anthony Holms. “I’m trying my hardest to be the best I can be.”

Faculty members like law teacher Robert LeGrow were also impressed by the grit and determination showed by the squad throughout the year. 

“Everett’s football program is very impressive,” LeGrow said. “They started the season with a tough loss to a great team. I think most teams would have suffered a setback after that, but they really went out there and turned it around. They had a 8-1 record after that.”

“They are always prepared and ready for any obstacles that come their way,” LeGrow said. “They had a great record even with the seniors leaving last year. It’s because they push the kids hard and the kids are on board with it; they love what they do and that is a great combination, kids who love the game and the coaches who push hard to win and be better.” 

“Even before I was a teacher here I loved Everett football,” LeGrow said .”I go to plenty of games. I went to the playoff game against Central Catholic and it was a tough loss but the team played great. They did score a touchdown but it was overturned and that was definitely tough. They made it to the goal line plenty of times. It was just very unfortunate but they still played great.”

Senior Angel Diaz looks on the empty field after the loss to rival Central Catholic in the second round of the playoffs. Still the team has a lot to be proud of and look forward to, say fans. (Rileigh Kenney)

“They should not be upset at all,” Legrow said. “They should look forward to what is ahead of them. Some of them have colleges, and the others should get ready for next season.”

Fans were also appreciative of the effort put in by the team and the entertaining games played throughout the season.

“I’ve been to every single Everett football game,” sophomore Anthony Laidlaw said.  “Honestly I would say Everett’s best game was against Somerville mainly because we got very lucky towards the end of the game. The game against Taunton, a big first playoff win, was also great in my opinion.”

“I would say the best game of the season would be the game against Xaverian, even though we lost,” sophomore Isaiah Goffigan said. “It is always good to see a rivalry matchup for the first game of the season.”

“You could say I’m a fan of football and the Everett football team.” sophomore Andrew Crasco said. “I think we performed really well and we have a great team.”

“The season went great,” freshman Christian Vasquez said. “I think the team is good because it’s young and bright, plus they play very well, and they have great teamwork.”