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Senior Shout Outs


Recently we asked some seniors to nominate their most accomplished friend, the friend they are most proud of, or the friend they think deserves more credit than they get.  These are some of their responses.

“Na’Tayeja Robinson” by Andrea Cortez

My most accomplished, the friend I am most proud of, the one who really deserves more credit than they get, is Na’Tayeja Robinson. She is one of those friends that really pushes herself to do things she’s passionate about. She was in Band. She played piano, the trumpet, and was in the center for one of the Homecoming half-time shows. She performed at the State House, Hawaii, and accomplished so much more. Art is also her passion. She illustrates very beautiful and unique artworks that really capture your attention. One of her charcoal drawings was hung on the first floor. Each time I walked in that hallway, my attention gravitated towards the drawing. In theatre, her passion for designing outfits for the actors, and creating things from her mind then bringing it to life, astonishes me. She created a design when she was in Band, which was a heart with wings and was really beautiful. The whole band wore the design, and performed with it on. Something that sets her apart from others is the strength she has for pushing forward. When something really brings her down, and chips away pieces from her passion, she still pushes forward, even if it doesn’t go her way. She still tries and tries. I know for some things she has been through, I would’ve quit and just left. But she didn’t, she was persistent and wanted to keep trying, and if it didn’t work out then she’ll find something else that works for her.  

“Alejandro Sanchez” by Anthony Couto

Alejandro is my most accomplished friend. He has been pretty successful in his life so far. He is an accomplished musician, playing a large variety of musical instruments and also being in the choir. He participated in the senior districts Festival of Music and was nominated for All-States. He is a Drum Corp International Champion along with his associates in the Spartans Drum Corp. He is currently applying to Berklee College of Music and knowing him, I am confident he will get in. He is also a hard worker and I know that he works late hours and is still on top of his work. I couldn’t be more proud of calling him my friend. He is always there listening when you have a problem. He’s there to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. I couldn’t ask for a better friend. I really wish the best to him as he continues on this rollercoaster called life. I really hope you don’t forget me down the path and that we can stay in contact with each other as much as possible. Good luck out there man. 

“Erik Vo” by Nathan Ho

Erik is one of my greatest friends. It’s sad to see that the day that we’ll last see each other is quickly approaching through graduation, as we’ll most likely be heading our separate ways and going on with our life. Whether it’s through our shared interest in a rhythm game called OSU, or academics, he always seems like he’s one step ahead of me. Instead of rushing on and leaving me behind, however, he looks back to check if I’m still following along behind him, and helps we when I stray too far away from my own path. He convinced me to do so much more than what I would’ve originally tried to strive for. It made me realize that maybe I was good enough to do things other people can too. Around this point in time, my self-image was absolutely horrid following the events of COVID. Even I don’t know how everything went downhill so suddenly. My accomplishments were always “not good enough” in my head, and that I wasn’t trying hard enough. For example, I was planning to go into a community college because I believed that I wasn’t good enough to apply to schools, even though I had decent grades.He changed my mind on that, forcing me apply to colleges which I believed was a waste of time because I wouldn’t get in. However, looking back on it now, I’m grateful he opened my eyes to the opportunity that I could have. He forced me to buy a cap and gown for myself so I could be there with all of our friends on the last day of school symbolizing the end. My life would be much different if I hadn’t met him, and I hope that our friendship would last a lifetime, not just until the end of high school. 

“Nick Freitas” by Pedro Henrique Pereira

I want to hype up all my boys because we known each other for years. We have become family. Showing up to their houses uninvited and their parents not seeming to care if the house was clean or not, or calling them up for help and they always seem like they have an answer. But Nick I’ve known the longest. My day one, literally. Our parents have been friends since they were in high school. We were born a month apart. So naturally we shared cribs, showers, and clothes when we were little. We don’t hangout as much as we used to, probably because of work, but we are always talking. For years we have been sharing the same dream. Buying an old crappy RV and fixing it up and making it ours. To just drive off to who knows where and waking up in the beautiful Rocky Mountains or the Grand Canyon. Maybe end up in the Wyoming and seeing if anything is actually over there. He has been my best friend from the beginning of my live and will be till the end. And when the RV dream happens, I know he’ll tag along. 

“Mia Auguste” by Pietra Bertolazzi

One of my closest friends that are very dear to me, Mia Auguste, is one of the most accomplished people I know. It seems as though she has her whole life together. She’s incredibly engaged in her community and has been part of many associations such as the Dance Club, A Capella Club, Haitian Club, Wave Club, and Health and Public Service Club. She has also been Vice President, Student Ambassador,  part of the Student Council, Junior and Senior Prom Committee, NAACP Council, Culinary Class President, and the Hockey Cheer Team during her junior and senior years. She has also been incredibly organized regarding colleges and has already committed to UMass Amherst with a major in psychology. She’s an incredibly bubbly and social person on top of everything she’s accomplished and one of my friends that I treasure the most. She’s incredibly honest and humble about her achievements, and I will always appreciate every moment I spend with her, whether it’s gossiping about the latest drama, or any hardships either one of us has been through and is willing to talk to each other about. I admire her not only because of what she has been able to accomplish but also the kind of person she is and the difference she makes when you might be feeling down. I will forever cherish having her in my life and I’m glad to have met her. One of my oldest best friends, whom I’ve known since the sixth grade is someone who I am most proud of. As I have seen her grow as a person, friend, and student, over our six years of friendship. I want to reflect on her as she had just turned 18 on Friday, allowing reality to set in that we are getting older.

“Kirsty Hall” by Gurkiran Kaur

Kirtsy Hall has always been shy. She has always had a low voice. She used to lack confidence in her answers as she was worried about getting something wrong. Being new to the country in sixth grade does that to a person. But over the years, with the hype of teachers and myself sticking up for her and telling her to shout out an answer, her voice has not only become louder as she has developed her English better but she has also grown more confident in her answers. Now she isn’t afraid of getting the wrong answer, seeing it rather as a learning opportunity. She jokes more and says things to teachers I never expected her to say (respectful things, obviously). Kirtsy academically has gained confidence with the research she has taken part of over the summer with multiple internships and leadership communities. I find myself following her footsteps, and sometimes vice versa. We have developed into the same person, to the point we get the same questions wrong in math (without cheating).  That is why I admire her and our friendship.

“Thalia Patino”  by Jazmin Ramberose

My friend Thalia Patino is the most accomplished individual I am acquainted with. I have been acquainted with Thalia since the fourth grade. She has transitioned from being a playful and silly young girl to becoming a highly intellectual and self-reliant young woman. She merits significantly more recognition than she is now given. As a high school student, she adeptly orchestrated numerous walkouts. Recognizing the need for change in the school, she motivated us to assume responsibility for shaping our own future. Her influence has motivated several students at this establishment to pursue activism, mirroring her own example. Additionally, she has successfully persuaded the city to allocate resources towards the advancement of our future and the betterment of our community. She contributed significantly to the acquisition of the million-dollar prize. In addition to that, she vigorously advocated for our former superintendent, Priya. Thalia is an exceptional teenage activist who consistently offers assistance in many ways. What distinguishes her from other teenage activists is her constant determination to create an enjoyable and secure environment. She efficiently manages her academic responsibilities, professional commitments, and the coordination of various walkouts and events aimed at raising awareness about the persistent difficulties in our community. I am immensely proud of her and eagerly anticipate the future prospects that await her. Ideally, she will hold a political position in the future. 

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