Diaries from Ancient Days

Diaries from Ancient Days

Senior Fabricia Brandiao

Another week goes by, and another Friday comes in. It’s raining a lot today here in Greece. I’m using my new white tunic and don’t want to ruin it with the rain. But, unfortunately, I told my colleague, or better, friend, Artemis, we would go to Hera’s party today. Yes, her mom’s party. I’m actually late and she’s probably mad waiting for me somewhere outside. I got to be honest dear diary, I am not excited to go to this party at all. Don’t get me wrong. Hera seems fine to me. She would always be so kind to me. The real problem here it’s her husband, Zeus. He’s arrogant and I don’t really like having him around. But I guess I’ll just have to, as I’m friends with his daughter. But if I have to be positive about something, at least I’ll be able to admire, from a really long distance, Poseidon. Oh, he’s fine. He’s charming, he’s gorgeous, he’s strong, and he’s kind. He is, indeed, everything I want in a man. But unfortunately, I got a total of zero chances with him and I’m not in his league. But I guess it won’t kill anyone if I just look at him, right? Well, whatever. That sounded weird. I just got to hope that everything goes well, and that I don’t have to make conversation with someone I rather keep my distances. But what could happen worse than that? Nothing, I hope.I wish I could keep wiring to you, diary. But it is better if I get going. Or, otherwise, I will have a really angered Artemis invading my house in minutes to forcefully take me to that party. And I’m not even ready yet. I still have to do my hair. So, wish me luck, because I will definitely need it.   –-Aphrodite

Senior Gabriel Diniz De Andrade

I woke up early, but still feeling the scorching heat of the day. I ate some bread with figs, fed my cat, and prayed to Bastet for protecting my home before leaving. I walk by the road, watching a congregation of ibises fly by. After a 45 minute walk I reach my destination, a farm. The Nile overflowed a while back, 3 days ago. As my supervisor instructed, I came today to prepare the soil and start a new plantation. With oxen-pulled plows, we furrow the soil and plant the seeds. Einkorn wheat and emmer wheat are what we mostly produce. After a few hours of work, we had everything prepared to grow. After the day’s work, I go to the Nile and take a boat to go home. I start rowing until I see one of the most fearful images that you can see in the Nile. A hippo. It came towards me, at an alarming speed, so I tried to row in a tentative to escape. It was too late, it attacked my boat, leaving me to the waters of the Nile. Desperately I try to swim, an effort that is already too late with a hippo nest to you. The hippo catches me, taking all of my breath away. I drowned by the hands of the hippo, to just wait for the Weighing of the Heart, and the judgement of Anubis.

Senior Koby Guzman

Well, my time within the Mayan city of Mirador has been interesting. I mean after all I did get to see my first ever human sacrifice. The chocolate here has been absolutely delicious too, it’s gotta be the first of its kind. I mean it was only a week ago that I stumbled out into here from my time machine and I sure lucked out they didn’t see me as an enemy and took me in as their own! Of course I had to make do and try to learn the Yucatec language, although languages have never been my strong point. Unfortunately this isn’t some stupid story about me “tricking the uneducated natives” and making them think I am some kind of god, I mean what do you think this is? El Dorado?? Seriously. They are actually some pretty cool people. Considering the fact that I probably descend from these people in terms of blood line makes it pretty damn cool and eye opening to experience their lives first hand. I got to see a game of pitz too! It was quite exciting to see who was gonna win in such a hardcore bout of kicking and running. Then the losing team was sacrificed. Crazy stuff. But in the end it seriously has not been too bad! I have loved my time here, ate some really good food, and seen such beautiful architecture I couldn’t believe its only the year 80! Seeing the stone atlases perched atop their columns is magnificent, the steps of the great big pyramids that soar above, and the lively well constructed plazas atop the great mountains truly are some of the best sites to see here. But I will unfortunately be leaving soon, considering I do not want to break a law that I don’t even know exists. And I do not want to be the center of attention for the next bloodletting ritual.