Letters to Ukraine

Ukraine, I hear you. Ukraine, I stand with you. Ukraine, I’m with you. Putin’s actions and ambitions have caused a lot of pain. Pain to the people of Ukraine and to those who watch from afar as well. Seeing how people are trying to leave their country, Ukraine, because of their safety is sad. Seeing parents send their children alone across the border breaks my heart. Crossing the border because they don’t feel safe in their house, wanting a better future and not wanting to live in fear. The fear of being in the middle of a conflict started by a man who seeks power and whose ambitions has led many to their deaths. I know what it is like to seek a better life. Wanting to be free from fear. To feel threatened even when you’re in the comfort of your own house. Wanting to run away to a place that feels safe. A place where you can have a future for yourself and your family. To leave your country behind because of the leadership and the danger. The need to feel safe. I might not know what the people of Ukraine are going through right now and I can’t even start to imagine the fear that they might feel. I think about it everyday, when I’m home, at school and even work. It breaks my heart to see the cruelty of this beautiful world. The cruelty of people like Putin who only seek power and dominance. I’m tired of seeing innocent people pay with their lives for the problems of people like Putin created. I’m tired of seeing corrupt leaders lead their country, that instead of making it better, they lead them to a state of war. Is peace too much to ask for? Is peace a foreign word to those types of leaders? Peace. Just peace.  –Rocio Marroquin Guzman

To the courageous people of Ukraine, first of all, I want to appreciate the zeal you guys have for the welfare of your nation. You really set an example for the countries across the world and taught us the real meaning of “patriotism.” In these hard times, things may be rough. But there’s a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King jr. that goes like, “The night is darkest just before the dawn.” And I know that the dawn will find its way across the landmines of Ukraine. I resonate with you guys because I was an immigrant too. I know what it feels like to be helpless, and that feeling whether you’ll see your loved ones again? The world highlights your situation and we stand by you no matter what. History has repeated itself and there is a possibility that World War 3 will happen. But our fellow ancestors have always proved to be more courageous than ever at this point for the patriotism of your motherland. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is an exemplary model of a leader and he has empowered people all across the world to raise a voice against what is wrong. Ukraine has a history of immensely strong leaders, and at this point, I’ll do my part as a fellow human to stand for what is right. To whoever is reading this, just know things will ease and time will heal everything. We may have lost people dear to us and but that’s what’s so amusing about life, it’s cherishing. They are in a better place and I have so much respect for each and every one of you. Many super countries like the USA, UK and Switzerland have acknowledged your sense of courage and we all will figure a conclusion out. Many regards.  –Aashirwad Dangi

I want to encourage Ukrainians to keep hope alive and to know that help is on the way. I understand that we shouldn’t rush in because it isn’t our situation or problem, but it is our mortality that gets to us. I’m not sure why Russia wants their land when it’s already large enough. They don’t have any self-respect, do they? I mean, I understand that some of them aren’t like that and are genuinely nice people, but those who participated in the war in the first place cannot be forgiven. All I know is that Russia and the United States have extremely powerful weapons, specifically nuclear weapons, and I’m not sure how much humanity will survive if we use them. Let’s hope nothing bad happens this month, or in April. I wish Ukraine the best of luck in their future endeavors and for them to remain safe in their own country. Never give up fighting for your land, your pride, your people, and especially your loved ones. Never forget that you matter in this world and that only a few people can prove themselves worthy. It’s your opportunity to show the world who you truly are and what you’re made of, right down to the dirt you grew up in. Show them how important you are, that you are a human being who desires nothing more than a peaceful life. I wish to say more things and to have enough supplies with you to survive and take cover. Now let’s just wait and see how this process will handle itself.  –Estrella Ortega

Dear People of Ukraine, I am terribly sorry to hear what is happening. On the behalf of all other Americans, I apologize for all the offensive content others have been making based on your current situation. I also sympathize with you for the terrors that you are bearing right now. Your spirits are strong and your mind brave. And to you Volodymyr Zelenskyy, I send prayers to you and your soldiers to endure the long and painful war. Vladimir Putin is a man of unspeakable acts. His actions cannot be ignored without consequence. I don’t know how you did it, for living next to Russia those past years with a Megalomaniac that is at this point threatening the whole world, but if you could deal with them being your neighbors, then I have high hopes that your army shall pass them in great succession.  I truly hope that this whole conflict doesn’t take a dark turn towards a third world war. Most of humanity fears that if it is, it could possibly be our last days on Earth. I don’t want to resolve to send troops. I am sorry that the only help we can provide is by sending money and weapons, but for now that is the best we can do, and hopefully all together we can pull through. I miss the simpler times, and I know that we all do, when so many lives weren’t at stake and when this conflict didn’t exist. But history always seems to repeat itself. Learning of the civil war of El Salvador was an uneasy subject. Reading and watching about the mass slaughter of my people. My grandmother and grandfather had to deal with the terrors of their war, and now seeing the people of Ukraine dealing with the same crisis is heartbreaking. All my thoughts and prayers go to all the people of Ukraine, the troops, and especially the civilians.  –Leonardo Garcia

Words will never be able to describe how much it pains me to see others suffering. I wish for you there are other ways for things to be cleared instead of the “tradition” of war. It is a cruel way of life. Taking away innocent lives when they had nothing to do with it besides living. It is harsh and cruel how things like these happen. I know the pains and losses that hit you like no other and it’s indescribable the fear you must have. Living in a constant state of fear and always on the edge planning ahead if anything were to happen. It must be exhausting to worry constantly about your family members and what could come of them the next day. It is scary how uncertain the next day can be. You are so strong, all people of Ukraine who are living in fear but still stand strong in the way they can. You are truly amazing and I hope and wish and pray that you stay strong and never give up. I know I can’t relate to you on a full scale and there is no way I could weigh my experiences with what you are currently experiencing. The fear, the emotions, and wondering if you even have a future. The world is cruel and it always has been. I can only wish that one day you will be able to smile once again, ‘cause with what you are dealing with I could see no way for a smile to happen. And to those who smile, please help others smile as well. We only have each other. So please help one another to get through this. Keep fighting and never give up. You make that future for yourself shine bright again.  –Catherine Perez

Dear citizens of Ukraine, I come here today in the form of words to express my understanding about what you are going through now. I hope you stay strong, united and always together. War is not easy. It never was and never will be. I know there are many unnecessary deaths occurring at this exact moment. I ask that you fight for what you believe in and never give up on what gives you strength. I will always be watching and praying for you. Nothing in this life lasts forever. One hour or another, country leaders will have to talk and they will come to an agreement. All these nightmares will pass, and you will go back to your family and have a smile on your face again and everything will prosper in harmony. I ask you to hold on a little longer because all this will pass and when they do, legacies will be told for many, many years of the day that Ukraine stood firm and strong.  –Fabricio Lima Do Nascimento