HBO Max’ Velma series: How to ruin a franchise

HBO Max Velma series: How to ruin a franchise

Sofia Gallego

As a quote from the actual trailer said, “If there’s one thing the internet agrees on, it’s that you should never change anything ever.” And this show is the prime example of that.

The new show, released on Jan. 12, instantly started getting hit with terrible reviews, calling it the worst reboot in all cartoon history.

“Velma,” which is, in fact, a reboot of the show Scooby Doo, doesn’t even have the beloved title dog of the original series. It also changed the whole team’s personalities  in the worst way possible.

It all started in Oct. 6 2022, when we got the teaser and everyone already hated it, but not because of the obvious race and color changes (cause that’s just dumb to get mad at that) but how obviously bad the writing is and how desperately woke it tries to be.

The backlash kept going with each character.  They ruined everything we loved about the original  gang of teens while also removing Scooby Doo out of the show.  The studio executive decided not to put him in the show because  he wouldn’t fit the “mature tone” of the series, even though the dog was in other mature adaptations that actually worked, such as “Zombie Island,” “Mystery Incorporated” and “The Supernatural” crossover. Scooby was also parodied in “Birdman,” which is the most “adult cartoon” you can think of.

Many Youtubers, show reviewers, and critics all agree that the show is too self-aware and tries too hard to gain the attention of young teens and liberals by sprinkling in a series of semi-lewd scenes and jokes about sex and politics that are just plain dumb.

As of right now, the only nice thing I can say is that the show has a good art style and animation and I can see what they were trying to do, but how they executed this was completely mediocre and poorly done. It has potential; they just need to find it.