Highlights from our first Monthly Chat with the Principals


Last week we had the honor to speak with the principal of Everett High, Erick Naumman, and the vice principal, Cory McCarthy, to get an inside look at how Everett Public Schools are dealing with school during a pandemic. Great questions were asked throughout the interview. Each student in the class asked two or more questions and they both answered all the questions. The meeting lasted about one hour long, and it was recorded. 

It was a pretty good experience overall. We were able to communicate with the principals and we hope to do it again soon. They gave us a little hope. The conversation was very helpful in letting us know that the school wants to help everyone do better and achieve greatness and it also helped us get to know our new vice principal and where our school stands during these hard times.

On when we can return to in-person learning

Mr. Naumann started by talking about how Covid is constantly spreading and things are constantly changing so there is currently no plan yet but In a few weeks hopefully there will be one. They are trying really hard to try to get us back in but the numbers are insane and we can’t go back when the numbers are that crazy which upsets some because I’m sure everyone misses hanging out with their friends and talking in class but right now it is sadly unlikely to happen. Mr. McCarthy then spoke about how even if we do go back to school it wouldn’t be back to normal at all depending on the circumstances. But if we follow the rules given by the CDC and wear our masks and social distance we could help lower the numbers and get back quicker and that is a good thing for everyone. 

On students who don’t feel like they are cut out for remote learning

Mr. McCarthy spoke about Everett High’s e-Learning Center and the precautions they take to keep everyone safe. “So we do have the E-Learning Center, and that allows you to come into the building,” McCarthy said. “You still have to go online and do the work. What we try to encourage kids to do is to use all the platforms possible to make the use of technology. On the flip side, we are also talking to educators to make sure they don’t keep kids in front of the Zoom for like 10 plus hours, including homework and classes. So that’s how we try to mitigate some of those. But it’s hard because if you’re a teacher, you want to get things done.

Mr. Naumann also spoke about how we should try to make the best out of our situation and try our hardest to stay on track and use the resources that we have access to. We also brainstormed some ideas for how EPS could make this remote learning school year easier and more motivating for teachers and students.

On Zoom bombings

Mr. Naumann said he hasn’t had many reports in the last month and a half but when they do occur he handles them quickly and handles out the appropriate consequences. He also said he has become good at tracking down the people to do also. “We can track IP addresses and we can get the police involved,” Naumann said. We didn’t even know they could do that which makes you think, is it really worth ruining a zoom call now knowing that you can get in real trouble with the police? We’re sure you don’t want that.

On senior year and graduation

Due to Covid-19, many setbacks have occurred, many seniors have, in a sense, lost their year because of it. Sadly, many events had to be canceled. Many people understand why but it’s still a shame that the seniors have lost their year. 

“I’m concerned for the senior class,” Naumann said. “They haven’t had the turkey toss. They didn’t have a senior dress-up day, really. They had no concerts. We haven’t done the powder puff. So all the stuff that would normally go in the yearbook for the seniors, that’s entirely different.”

About graduation, Mr. Naumann talked about how important it was for him and everyone else, and how he gets joy in saying everyone’s name and giving them their diploma. He loves the graduations and feels like making sure their name is said correctly is most important because this is a very big day and most memorable. 

On growing up

Mr. McCarthy told us that he is originally from Barbados, and didn’t grow up here. Another interesting thing that he said was that he had one pair of pants during ninth grade, that means he grew up a little less fortunate.

Mr. Naumann, on the other hand, grew up in Everett. His mom is from Japan which was interesting. It was also interesting when he said that his mom couldn’t speak English, and his dad couldn’t speak Japanese, so it kind of makes you wonder, how did they communicate, and fall in love with each other? 

This part of the interview really stood out to us. Mr. Naumann and Mr. McCarthy told their stories about how each of them faced some type of struggle, some type of setback that they managed to overcome.  

Their stories inspired us, because, if they managed to overcome their struggles, then we as a community and students of Everett High must overcome the crisis we are in right now