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Meet Mr. Sutera

Anessa McMillian
John Sutera may be new to his role as vice principal at EHS, but he has been serving Everett Public Schools in various roles for the past 23 years.

After years away from Everett High School, John Sutera has made a big comeback as vice principal. But don’t call it a comeback, he’s been here for years. 23 years, to be exact.

For the past 23 years John Sutera has devoted his career to the EPS district. Along the path to EHS vice principal, Sutera has been a dean at EHS, a special ed teacher, an eighth grade algebra teacher, and an elementary school vice principal. 

“I enjoy being able to work at Everett High,” vice principal John Sutera said. “I enjoy working with the older kids. I want to provide a solid foundation for any student that comes to the school.”

He wants all students to get involved with the school spirit and culture of the school and celebrate diversity, because we are blessed in Everett to have a very diverse population of students and families, with different cultures and be able to learn from each other. Sutera wants to be able to increase scores on MCAS while providing a safe and productive environment for everybody.

“I want to be able to prepare students for what’s ahead in the future,” Sutera said,  “like going to a college, trade school, military or finding a job. We have an amazing CTE program and I’m very proud of that.” 

Sutera has been familiar with the EHS staff for many years, including Principal Lynch, with whom he worked when they were both deans. Some EHS students also remember Sutera from being their vice principal at the Madeleine English School.

“It was good having him as vice principal because he was nice, caring, and understanding,” freshman Keyri Portillo said. “He always made sure he listened to all the students, and what they had to say, and that made me want to listen to other people.”

“I did like him as a person because he always made sure we had a safe environment in school,” Portillo said.

“I personally think that Mr. Sutera was alright in the Maddie, I didn’t see much of him,” said Carlo Gianelli, former Madeline English student. “He did some good things though, like he was good at catching students in the act of not doing the right thing, like giving them suspension and calling them to the office, a lot of times,”Gianelli said. “I really liked how he did a lot of discipline. He was really good at his job.”

Paul Cangiano, who teaches exploratory in the CTE program and computer drafting, has known Sutera for more than 20 years during his time in the Everett district.

“I think Sutera is a great person to have as vice principal,” Paul Cangiano said. “He’s doing a great job as principal. He is a very big figure and has a tough look, but he is such a kind person.”

“I think Mr. Sutera is a nice respectable man and an honest teacher,” said freshman Bianca Moran Leal. “He was an amazing vice principal. I think that was a great decision from the school board because he’s a great addition to the school. He brings positivity to the kids and as many students as he can.”

“I think he’ll change Everett High School for the better by bringing in lots of positivity and making sure every kid has exactly what they need,” said Moran Leal. “He always tried to talk to the students and get to the root of the problem and help in the best way he can.” 

Senior dean Danielle Bond has also known Sutera for a long time. “I have worked with him as a special education teacher while he worked as a special education teacher and also when he was a dean. The office that I’m in right now was actually his office as a dean.”

“I think he is doing a really good job. He definitely sets the bar high and tells the students what he expects from them and I appreciate that in a leader,” Bond said. 

“He is also super supportive and if students ever need help he’s there to help and guide them and make sure things are done correctly,” Bond said. “I do like the fact that he is super knowledgeable when it comes to Aspen, special education, keeping kids safe and putting their best interest at the front of everything,” Bond said. “He might look big and scary but he is actually super funny.”


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Anessa McMillian
Anessa McMillian, Reporter
Anessa is a senior. Her family came from Barbados, which she still used to visit on vacation up until the pandemic, but now that the covid chaos ended maybe she will get a chance of going back. She was born and raised in Cambridge, but eventually ended up here in Everett. She’s an only child, yet she takes care of four other members of her family (three cats and one dog). With dreams of traveling all over the world as well as a desire to graduate college, her aim is dead set on success and she dreams high. She idolizes her parents which is very noble and a sign that she was raised well.
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Victoria Macao, Reporter
Victoria Mação  (she/her) has high expectations for her long-awaited senior year and amazing plans for the brilliant future ahead of her. Mação  is an athlete (track runner/soccer player), a history lover, a straight “A” student with the longest list of possible colleges to attend that you will ever see, and is a complete dreamer girl. One good way to briefly describe Mação  is by mentioning her cool outfits, great hair, and absolute passion for aesthetic video making. With this being Mação's first year as a reporter for The Crimson Times, she is really looking forward to brainstorming and writing amazing stories for our school newspaper.

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