Latest Bratz video game brings back memories

Nicole Colantonio

As I insert the video game card into my Nintendo Switch, I am taken back to a spectacular time in my childhood when I played as a “Bratz” doll.  

When I heard that a new video game about the “Bratz” dolls was coming out in 2022, I knew that I had to have it. I used to play the old video game, “Bratz: Rock Angelz” on my brother’s PlayStation 2. I remember that video game being one of my favorites growing up. I get to relive a very happy moment in my childhood with this updated model.

The “Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion” is a video game that was released to the public towards the end of 2022. The video game allows the audience to play as a “Bratz” character, navigating through different maps and completing multiple challenges to become a top fashionista. 

Since I had already played the older version of the video game, I expected there to be similarities between the two. The dolls all have the same names as they did in the old one, as well as the style. You can play whichever character you’d prefer while also having the freedom to design that character. 

I recall that the “Bratz: Rock Angelz” had a level where you got to ice skate for part of the mission. The newer model doesn’t have that level so far, which I was hoping that it would only because that was the level I had looked forward to the most in the previous version. Since “Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion” is so new, it includes more of a variety of things to do compared to the old game. 

In contrast to the old version, “Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion” takes place on a different map with different levels and challenges. I find it unique that the new version offers a completely alternate location than the old version, with new characters to meet while you complete each mission. 

One thing that doesn’t satisfy me about this video game is how it doesn’t tell you about the specific challenges. For example, I was playing the game a few days ago when I just started it and at first, I was told my first few challenges. However, as soon as I completed those said challenges, I expected it would continue telling me more challenges but it stopped. I had to walk around the map of the video game, hoping to find something that would give me a clue as to what to do next. This made me want to stop playing the game for the night. 

Eventually, I figured out the next challenge, yet still became frustrated with that aspect of the game because I needed some sort of direction that I didn’t have. Other than that, I am genuinely pleased with how the game is so far. 

I admire that it gives me a feeling of nostalgia for a happy time in my life. I find that others might not even know about this game as it probably wasn’t that popular back then and now, but if they share the same interests as me, I believe more and more people would be willing to play the game.