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12 tips to stay focused and energized through end of school year

Anessa McMillian
With so many tasks to do and sources of distraction, it can be hard to stay focused in school, especially at the end of the year.

1.  Get plenty of sleep at home

Sleeping is a very important thing to do especially when you want to be able to stay energized during all your classes throughout the day. 

2. Take notes

Taking notes could help you a lot during class so you are able to go back to things whenever you need to and also helps you when you need to study for any upcoming test or quizzes.

3. Find a study partner.

Connecting with other students could help, such as working in groups doing classwork together so that you are able to help each other, especially if some people don’t understand the material, other students would be able to explain what they don’t understand.

4. Participate!

Participating during class would help a lot for students because it keeps students engaged  so they don’t get distracted and it also shows that students are understanding the topic during their class.

5. Eliminate distractions

Isolating yourself in a more quiet space could also help you stay focused in class so that you’re away from distractions. Sitting away from people that get you distracted could help you a lot because when you’re around your friends you won’t end up getting work done and class time would end up getting wasted.

“Students should be able to focus and be engaged during class if they eliminate distractions like their cellphones or  speaking with their friends during class,” senior Nicole Brandao said. “I definitely regained my focus when teachers they gave me reminders of putting away phones.”

6. Use fidget or sensory tools to aid concentration

Fidget toys could help students be able to focus in class, especially if they just need a break.  

7. Practice mindfulness

If you’re stressed out or have a lot going through your mind during your classes, try to control your thoughts so it doesn’t distract you from not wanting to do any work throughout the day. Maybe a teacher has a Calming Corner for students to go to for a couple minutes so that students are able to regain their focus once they use the Calming Corner and can go back to their seat and get work done.

8. Seek extra help from teachers after school

Staying after school with your teacher can help you a lot with staying on top of your grades so you don’t fall behind in your classes and wait until last minute to try and fix things because then you will end up losing motivation and won’t want to fix your grades towards the end. Asking for help when needed during class could also help a lot make sure to do work on time and to keep up with it.

9. Focus on one task at a time

Concentrating on one task at a time could help a lot because if you’re trying to focus on multiple classes at a time trying to do different work you’re just going to end up getting stressed out.

10. Keep your mind on the prize

Don’t forget your future goals. Having a set of goals will keep you motivated because towards the end you’ll remember the hard work you put in for everything is worth it.

11. Keep school as your top priority

Making school your first priority would definitely have to be the biggest thing especially if you want to stay on top of your grades in school and especially if you are a senior you don’t wanna fall behind on your classes because then it will be hard to catch up with things in a limited amount of time.

12. Choose classes for next year carefully

Choosing a class that you’re interested in can help you focus because if a student is in a class that they don’t want to take or don’t have any interest in it they won’t be engaged or have any type of motivation to do things during that class. “If you want to be energized in class it has to be a class that you are actually interested in,” vice principal James Murphy said.”



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About the Contributor
Anessa McMillian
Anessa McMillian, Reporter
Anessa is a senior. Her family came from Barbados, which she still used to visit on vacation up until the pandemic, but now that the covid chaos ended maybe she will get a chance of going back. She was born and raised in Cambridge, but eventually ended up here in Everett. She’s an only child, yet she takes care of four other members of her family (three cats and one dog). With dreams of traveling all over the world as well as a desire to graduate college, her aim is dead set on success and she dreams high. She idolizes her parents which is very noble and a sign that she was raised well.

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