In post-pandemic world, comfort is king with student fashion


Juniors Sam Boseti (left) and Edwin Tejeda, among many other students on a daily basis, enjoy the comfort of pajama pants.

As the world adjusts to a new normal, fashion trends are following, and comfort and functionality are taking center stage. From cozy pajama pants to puffer coats, this season’s styles prove that fashion can be both stylish and sensible.

Students have stopped caring so much about what their outfit looks like and more so how comfortable their outfit is instead. Recently, students have taken interest in fashion choices such as Crocs, pajama pants, flared leggings and jeans, and puffer jackets.

“I own Crocs, pajama pants, flared leggings, and Uggs,” sophomore Kathleen Silva said. “It’s the only thing I have in my closet. I think everyone wears these things because they’re popular and in style right now.”

“I wear everything that’s in fashion,” sophomore Sophia Dipaula said. “I wear them to school every day, they’re comfortable. My favorite trend would have to be flared leggings and flared jeans. They’re cute, comfortable, and they look good in the wind.”

“I have worn these things, most of the time it’s for comfort,” freshman Ashely Pindea Ramos said.

As much as some students wear these items on a daily basis, other students have strong dislikes for these items.

“I hate Crocs,” Alexia Nunez said. “I just think they are ugly and they are not really practical, especially if you are going to run around.”

As you can see, new fashion trends in the world get viewed differently and expressed differently and a lot of students from EHS look at the trends and follow them in their own way.