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Stanley cups are everywhere

Anessa McMillian

No need to look hard around the school to find a girl using a Stanley cup. Purple, blue, black, you will see all colors and styles around. 

The new obsession symbolizes a well-hydrated dynamic and trend-savvy person according to some websites. 

Stanley claims that the $45 40-ounce bottles formally known as Quencher H2.0 FlowState™ Tumblers can keep hot drinks hot for seven hours, cold drinks cold for 11 hours, and iced drinks iced for two days.

But are students getting these bottles for the high quality or just for the looks? 

“I like how they look and they keep my water pretty cold. I would add more colors to them,” Jael Rosius said.

“I saw them on Tiktok and thought they were cute,” Bianca Moran Leal said.

On StockX, a leading resale platform, Stanley tumblers have slowly been sprouting up. 

Currently, the pink, 40-ounce Stanley x Starbucks Target exclusive Quencher is going for $240. 

Right now, there are shades to choose from, including eucalyptus, pink dusk, iris, orchid, fog, frost, citron, and more. You can grab the Deco Collection, too, which includes cream, black, forest green, blush, and navy hues with gold and rose gold accents.

Stanley Quencher colors available at Amazon. It has more than 38,400 five-star ratings on Amazon. Stanley cups were founded in 1913 by inventor William Stanley Jr.

In the last couple of years, the cup has gone from cultivating a millennial mom fan base to being a must-have status symbol among Gen Z.

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Olivia Mazzeo
Olivia Mazzeo, Reporter
Freshman Olivia Mazzeo is Italian, Irish, and African American. Olivia takes all honors classes. Some goals she’d like to achieve right now are mainly keeping her grades up because her studies are really important to her. Olivia joined journalism because she knows when she goes to college she’d like to be a lawyer, and she knows she wants to do different stuff in her life with writing. She’s looking forward to interviewing people because she loves to talk to people and socialize. Some of her hobbies include cooking, writing, listening to music, and reading. Olivia likes reading about philosophy. Some of the music she enjoys listening to is R&B. Olivia says that something that people wouldn’t think about her is that she’s smarter than she looks. Olivia enjoys exploring new music, hanging out with her friends, and is interested in trying some sports like volleyball.
Anessa McMillian
Anessa McMillian, Reporter
Anessa is a senior. Her family came from Barbados, which she still used to visit on vacation up until the pandemic, but now that the covid chaos ended maybe she will get a chance of going back. She was born and raised in Cambridge, but eventually ended up here in Everett. She’s an only child, yet she takes care of four other members of her family (three cats and one dog). With dreams of traveling all over the world as well as a desire to graduate college, her aim is dead set on success and she dreams high. She idolizes her parents which is very noble and a sign that she was raised well.

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