Despite pandemic, reasons to be thankful abound


This year, Thanksgiving feels a little bit different. It feels as if we don’t have much to be thankful for.

Maybe the turkey, the pumpkin pie, the cranberry sauce just won’t feel the same because some of us have lost close relatives or haven’t been able to give Nana or Papa a hug in months. Usually my family and I travel. Last year we went to New Hampshire and spent a few days there. A few years back we went to Brazil until December break. This year we have to stay in–no friends, and no traveling.

Still, we choose to be thankful. Even though times are hard we are thankful. We are thankful my dad’s health got better. We are thankful that despite doctors saying my sister will never have children, we just found out she’s pregnant with a baby boy.

If we look past (but not ignore) this pandemic and Covid-19 there are many reasons to give thanks. To all the teachers who have given time to learn their way around Zoom, Canvas and all these complicated apps. To our parents for managing to keep us safe during a time like this. To our city’s law enforcement for making sure every family has something to eat during this difficult time and keeping our city safe.

Despite the horrible circumstances we should be thankful. We should make sure we say thank you to everyone who has cared for us this year.