New Avatar film dazzles and delights despite lackluster story


David Guevara Contreras

I just got home from being in a comfy chair for three hours straight and delighting my eyes with the sight of the new Avatar in vividly dazzling colors that make the “real” world grey in contrast. In my opinion the best thing about most movies nowadays is just how realistically fake in a good way they look, how silky smooth the motion capture is and how the CGI manages to trick your mind to think that what you are seeing might actually be out there somewhere. It’s nuts.

Although the first movie did not have the most creative or original dialogue or story, it managed to tell it pretty well and actually took your hand and made you part of the journey. In my opinion it was awesome.

This second part of Avatar did the same good job in telling you a story, but in my opinion it definitely changed some of the core aspects of the storytelling in a bad way and made it feel rushed and unappreciative of the first movies set standards. Like, why would they just leave everything behind after all they have been through for their land and just go somewhere else entirely as nobodies?

I really felt like it was a horrible decision to go that route and there is really no good motive or explanation to just give up on everything they supposedly loved and cherished, especially considering the inner values of the main characters shown in the first movie. In my opinion they butchered some of the characters and throughout the movie I found myself confused on certain contradictory actions that the characters did.

In short the movie was a creative visual experience that was just okay in the story department and I will be looking forward to seeing the sequels that are confirmed to release in the near future.