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The Student News Site of Everett High School, Everett MA

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Meet the Staff 2023-2024

Christopher Wright
We’re ready to tell this year’s stories!


Alice Andrade is a senior who is in her third year of journalism. She is involved in the Newspaper Club and the art department, taking three art classes. Andrade has always shown an interest in art but her art teacher Ms. Pierce further fueled Andrade’s interest in art in junior year. Although interested, Andrade would like to keep journalism and art as a hobby, primarily focusing on forensic science as a career in the near future. “Usually they think of the person that cleans the body up when they die,” Andrade said about people’s perceptions of forensic scientists, “but I definitely don’t want to deal with the dead bodies, just the chill stuff.”



Victoria Macao (she/her) has high expectations for her long-awaited senior year and amazing plans for the brilliant future ahead of her. Macao is an athlete (track runner/soccer player), a history lover, a straight “A” student with the longest list of possible colleges to attend that you will ever see, and is a complete dreamer girl. One good way to briefly describe Macao is by mentioning her cool outfits, great hair, and absolute passion for aesthetic video making. With this being Macao’s first year as a reporter for The Crimson Times, she is really looking forward to brainstorming and writing amazing stories for our school newspaper. 



Sophomore Lucas De Freitas weighed 3 pounds when he was born. He has learned a lot, made many mistakes and made a lot of right decisions. He enjoys playing instruments, playing video games, playing sports, using technology, discovering and learning new things and more. His plans for this school year are to pass and do good. His favorite subject is English class. He is passionate about engineering and the Phoenix Suns.



Joao is Brazilian and he is a senior. His favorite thing to do is poetry. His plans after high school are going to college to study medicine and wanting to become a family physician. He also has a little sister. He is not really a fan of sports. If Joao had a chance to travel somewhere it would be Greenland. He also enjoys bread and butter for breakfast in the morning. The reason Joao wants to be in the medical field when he grows up is because he wants to be able to help people.



Anessa is a senior. Her family came from Barbados, which she still used to visit on vacation up until the pandemic, but now that the covid chaos ended maybe she will get a chance of going back. She was born and raised in Cambridge, but eventually ended up here in Everett. She’s an only child, yet she takes care of four other members of her family (three cats and one dog). With dreams of traveling all over the world as well as a desire to graduate college, her aim is dead set on success and she dreams high. She idolizes her parents which is very noble and a sign that she was raised well.



Mohamed is a really chill, quiet and respectful person. His pronouns are he/him/his. He really likes history because he likes learning about the past. He likes to play video games and just chills when he gets the time to do so. Mohamed is in his senior year in high school. He sees himself as a software engineer in the future. 




DJ is a sophomore. He likes to play basketball every single day and wants to play in college. DJ is a dog person and likes them a lot, but has owned 12-13 cats in his life. His favorite color is black. Winter is his favorite season because he loves basketball season and he would rather be cold than hot. DJ’s inspiration for basketball is none other than himself, and his favorite player is also himself. DJ loves anything that can get himself better as a person, whether it means practicing basketball, going to the gym, studying, going to church, or praying to the lord.



Freshman Olivia Mazzeo is Italian, Irish, and African American. Olivia takes all honors classes. Some goals she’d like to achieve right now are mainly keeping her grades up because her studies are really important to her. Olivia joined journalism because she knows when she goes to college she’d like to be a lawyer, and she knows she wants to do different stuff in her life with writing. She’s looking forward to interviewing people because she loves to talk to people and socialize. Some of her hobbies include cooking, writing, listening to music, and reading. Olivia likes reading about philosophy. Some of the music she enjoys listening to is R&B. Olivia says that something that people wouldn’t think about her is that she’s smarter than she looks. Olivia enjoys exploring new music, hanging out with her friends, and is interested in trying some sports like volleyball.


Nicolas Pellegrino is a sophomore at EHS. He was born in Chelsea. One of his favorite hobbies is playing basketball. He also likes to play video-games such as 2k, FIFA, and Rainbow 6 Siege. Another thing he likes to do is read a couple pages of a book before he goes to sleep at night. His parents were born on different sides of the USA. His dad is from NewYork while his mom is from Memphis. His family heritage is mostly Italian because his grandma on his dad’s side was born in Milan, Italy.




Helvis  likes to go with the flow and see where life takes him. Helvis’s favorite subject is history and what he likes about it is the impact that it has on us today and how we live and how the historical events changed how we see the world and how it shaped it today. What he likes to do in his free time is to think about stuff that comes to his mind. He is a chill and calm person who just minds his business most of the time.




Luca Cruz is a freshman. His favorite color is blue and his hobbies consist of watching soccer and sleeping. Luca has one older brother. His favorite subject is gym and he likes gym because he gets to partake in physical activity. His favorite food is whatever his mom cooks. Luca’s favorite movie is Cars 2. Luca’s favorite class is health and he likes health because he has a lot of friends in that class. Luca likes listening to music and enjoys the weekend because he doesn’t have to go to school. Luca’s favorite season is winter because he’d rather be cold than hot. Luca was born in Massachusetts but both his parents were born in Brazil thus he is Brazilian. For vacations Luca usually goes to Brazil. Luca’s favorite professional athlete is Ronaldo Nazario, a professional soccer player who used to play for Brazil’s national team. He likes to play video games when he is bored, such as FIFA, and watch Netflix. Luca’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and his favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving is mac and cheese.



Arthur Torres is from Minas Gerais, Brazil. He goes by the pronouns he/him/his and has lived in the United States for six years. Arthur’s favorite subject is history and his passion is basketball. He is unsure about what he will do after graduating high school, but some of his career choices would be McDonalds or Burger King. He describes himself as a boring person but he likes meeting new people and making new friends. 




Willian is a freshman, and he is from Brazil. Willian goes by he/him/his pronouns. His favorite subject is health. According to him he thinks that his main personality is being irritating. Wilian has two siblings, and he also has two pet birds. He said that his favorite food is stroganoff. His dream job is to be a doctor. His favorite thing to do after school is playing FIFA and Fortnite. 





Keyla is a freshman and this is her first year taking journalism.






Tuong Huynh is a senior at EHS. He was born in Vietnam. His favorite hobbies are playing soccer and video games such as Valorant and CSGO 2. He loves traveling with his family to places like Florida, Georgia and Virginia. Huynh’s favorite subject is history because history helps him to observe and understand how people and societies behaved. Huynh’s dream job is in IT but he hasn’t decided exactly what he wants yet. If not IT, he can join the Army.


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