Impressions of Edmentum


Caitlin Welsh, Zakiah Mitchell, and Ansley Jean

Many new and old education apps are rising to the top of the app store most downloaded because of online schooling. One of the most popular schooling sites this year is Edmentum. 

Edmentum is a website where students take diagnostic tests for their classes and Edmentum creates lesson plans, activities and videos based on the person’s results. Edmentum has actually been around for a long time, being founded in 1960. Everett High is now making Edmentum mandatory for students and there have been many mixed responses. 

Some students really enjoy Edmentum because they are getting extra one-on-one help with things that they don’t understand or remember. Many feel it is pretty easy to navigate. Students also find Edmentum helpful because it quizzes you on things that you will learn and what you have learned in that subject and then gives you work that will help you excel in the subject. 

“Edmentum isn’t too bad, I don’t mind it,” senior Shawn Cohen said.  “None of it feels overly complicated or anything like that. Being due on a weekly basis also helps quite a bit.

Many Teachers also enjoy Edmentum because students can get extra help in their free time and there are pre-made lesson plans so less work for them. It also gives teachers a way to track how long students actually spend on work and what each student needs help on. 

On the other hand, some students don’t really like using this platform. When you first sign up the diagnostic test takes at least an hour to complete. Some students guessed on the diagnostic and didn’t apply themselves which makes their lesson plans inaccurate, causing additional demotivation and frustration.  

Some students also think that adding Edmentum to the long list of different platforms we have to use is becoming problematic. “I don’t like it,” senior Carla Berciano said.  “I feel like it’s pointless and it’s just another platform teachers are using to make us do more work. Between Edmentum, Clever, X2, Canvas, Virtual Job Shadow, Google Classroom and Zoom, there is just too much going on at one time.”