Rittenhouse should’ve been held accountable

Rebecca Hickey-Schultz

The main problem with the Kyle Rittenhouse case is that a minor was armed with a gun, at a Black Lives Matter protest. Meaning he clearly had an intent to hurt people. Even though the protest was clearly for Black Lives Matter, Rittenhouse went to the protest because he didn’t believe that black lives do matter.

I strongly disagree with the courts decision. According to USA Today, the defense argued that Rittenhouse was afraid these protestors could “take his firearm and use it to kill him or others.” While that could possibly be true, if Rittenhouse, a minor, could bring an AR-15 rifle to a protest, he clearly knew that something was going to happen to him or that he was going to injure others.

Rittenhouse said, “I didn’t do anything wrong” while claiming self-defense. Later, he added: “I didn’t want to have to kill anybody that night.” He didn’t “have to kill anybody,” he chose to. He pointed the gun at Rosenbaum, the first man he shot, before Rosenbaum chased him. Rittenhouse wasn’t the one using self-defense. Rosenbaum was. By chasing after him, he was causing a scene, getting attention, in hopes that bystanders and police would notice and help. Rosenbaum was not armed with anything that could protect him, or cause harm to Rittenhouse, who had an AR-15.

While the court has made its decision, many people are frustrated and disappointed. From end of winter to the end of summer, many people held peaceful protests with the intention of not hurting anyone. Police were at the scene when Rittenhouse fired the gun at all of the victims and watched as he walked in with the gun, not even trying to stop what was bound to happen. Rittenhouse should be held accountable for his actions and the judge should be removed.