Students show entrepreneurial spirit with side businesses



Freshman Adrian Reyes is one of several students at EHS trying to make some extra money pursuing their own small business. Reyes’ involves selling snacks out of his special Star Wars lunchbox and is recognized by many, many students around the building.

Christefer Malave and Fabrice Michaud

Some students of EHS have decided to create their own small businesses for extra money, consisting of selling snacks during lunch, cooking delightful food, and making homemade soap for everyone to enjoy.

Adrien Reyes, Tre’von Carrington, and Sofia Gallego Magalhaes are some of the students in EHS that have started their own small businesses.

“I used to do it in eighth grade,” freshman Adrien Reyes said about his supplemental snacks available during lunch. “It got shut down but I tried it again this year and it worked out. I buy the snacks myself with the money I make and the extra I save. In the future, I see myself becoming more of an entrepreneur. If you see me in the halls and need some candy, you can always come to me. I got everything.”

Running a business selling various items has become a common theme here at EHS.

A recent ad from Instagram for Tre’s Kitchen (Malak Draouy)

Sophomore Tre’von Carrington is cashing in on his culinary skills with Tre’s Kitchen, offering full home-cooked meals and sides that can be ordered online and picked up or delivered for a reasonable price.

“The inspiration came from my grandmother,” Carrington said. “She passed in 2022 and it was primarily a goal to continue to feed and help people with rich flavors and have her legacy continue. I’ve been doing it for two years now, and she helped me with the first one but after she passed I wanted to continue the legacy.”

“I plan to go college and major in Culinary Arts after high school,” Carrington said. “Then after that, I plan to open up a business and more corporations, not just Tre’s Kitchen but Tre’s Barbershop, and Tre’s Roller Skating Rink. Just keep being positive and whatever your mind tells you to do, just keep on doing it.”

Not only is food sold in the hallways at EHS, but also soap. Junior Sofia Gallego Magalhaes had been planning to start her own business for a long time and finally decided there was no better time than the present to launch Artistic Soaps.  You might have seen her in the halls carrying a nice wicker basket with a variety of beautiful-looking high-end homemade soaps in various scents, including lemon mint.

Another Instagram ad, this one for Gallego Magalhaes’ Artistic Soaps. (Sofia Gallego)

“A long time ago my mom and I thought of a business to come up with. I think my mom at the time was a business owner,” junior Gallego Magalhaes said. 

“Overall, we had been thinking about this for a long time, and I lost my original job in January. I was a hostess, but then I felt like this would be a kind of change and I started a business so here I am now,” Gallego said. “I would say my business is somewhat beneficial because I can do something related to craftsmanship.”

Overall students are just looking for something to do in their spare time to make a little extra money in their pocket. These students were able to use their free time to produce creative businesses for themselves.  They’re just looking for any support possible from staff or students.