The New Slang (A Guide for Teachers): Volume 4, June 2023


Do you know what these words mean?

Sofia Gallego, Ashley Santos Silva, and Malak Draouy

Most adults don’t understand or even know what kids are saying these days. It’s always up to the younger generation to figure out what each word means. Each generation makes new slang words by the day so ladies and gents of the older generations, here’s your next volume of our young language (now with video game slang).





It’s a way to say okay or that you’re agreeing to something that someone is telling or challenging you to do 

“Igh bet I’m gonna go to class.”

Black Air Force energy

When someone’s a menace and doesn’t care about anyone or themselves

“That man just ran through three red lights, that’s some Black Air Force energy.”


Used as an exaggeration, when someone does something wrong, good, or says something interesting, kind of like the term “man”

“Boi be for real she did not say that.”


Implies between your skills with certain characters and the opposing team, mostly to talk about how bad you are at the game; mostly said in the video game “Overwatch”

*Team loses*

Enemy team: Ez game

You: Lol Widow diff


Having to leave

“Yo we gotta dip.”


Abbreviation of federal;  to be two-faced

“You told her? Bro. You’re so fed.” 


For real

“Are you being fr right now?”


Another term for the words “gang,” “bro” or  “homie;” it shows how cool you are with someone.

“What’s up gangy, how are you?”

Girly pop

When a girl is cool, or you relate to her, or if she is pretty and is really nice.

“I love her outfit, it’s so girly pop”


To be incredibly amazing at something

“That man is goated.”


A quick way to text “I don’t know”

“IDK if I can come I am busy.”


A quick way to text “I guess”

“IG we can meet at the school.”


Similar to saying “in all honesty”

“Lowkey I think that’s a bad idea.”

Let ‘em cook

Said when someone is doing their thing and executing it very well

”He is beating all of them in the game, let ’em cook.” 


Someone who can be a threat to society

“She is a menace the way she talks to the deans.”


To insult or just say something isn’t that good

“This School lunch is so mid”


Stands for “Non-Playable Character” in a video game

“Look at this dude, my man over here waving like an Npc.”


It’s a meme that you can’t have anything in Ohio. So if anyone or anything is off-putting or weird then it’s described “Down in Ohio” or “Only in Ohio”; originally from TikTok

Video: “ugly dog”

 People: “dogs in ohio”


Stands for “On my mother/On my mama,” which is another way to promise/swear you’re telling the truth about something

“Omm I didn’t say that”


Abbreviation of opposition; an enemy or someone against you

“Gotta keep an eye out for my opps” 


A way to be a bit more expressive

“I’m the best smash bro player ever period”


Used to praise or compliment

“You did so good, purr.” 


Getting more likes than the previous comment

Tik Toker “ Maybe you should take a history class.’’* 3.2k likes*

Other tik toker “Hold this ratio.” *6.2k likes*


Agreeing with something relatable 

“I’d rather eat bricks than go to school” “That’s so real”


A term used when someone is flirting with another or trying to get them to be interested in them

“Look at him talking to a girl.”

“He’s such a Rizz God”


Another word when someone is petty, or when they are irritated, it affects everyone around them.

“Mike just lost his game, he is salty about it.” 


A term people use for self-confidence or when people do something impressive

“Oh my gosh, you look so good. Slay!”

W Mans

A term used for everyone such as friends, mothers, fathers when they do something good to you or others.

“You’re a W mans for helping bro out.”

You’re Trippin

You’re wrong; you’re making things up

“I didn’t take your charger bro, you’re trippin.”