Students react to election

Most students happy Trump is out, Harris will be first woman of color VP


This year’s presidential election was one of the most intense and interesting ones in our nation’s history. It was an election filled with many ups and downs.  The Democratic candidate was former V.P. Joe Biden and the Republican candidate was 45th president Donald Trump. 

Seems like EHS students are relieved not so much that Joe Biden is president, but more so that Donald Trump won’t be president anymore. 

“I’m happy that Trump is out but I don’t like Biden or Harris either,” junior Sarah El Sharkawi said.  “I just prefer them over Trump and Pence.” 

“I am happy that Trump is no longer president, but Biden isn’t that much different from Trump,” junior Aisatou Gassama said. “When he was in office before, he had many civilians in other countries bombed.”

“I feel Biden is basically a nicer Trump. He still sucks, but he’s actually somewhat willing to listen to the people,” senior Erin Moloney said.

Some students also had an issue with how long it took to count the votes. This year, especially with the coronavirus, many people sent in their vote via mail, and it took time and effort to count them up. “I was happy that Biden won but it took forever, said junior Veena Haseeb.  “I was nervous. It was nerve-racking and long, but I’m glad Trump is gone.” 

“I am pleased with the results of the election,” senior Aisha Sainristil said. “Many people said they didn’t vote because both candidates were bad ones and I understand that point but I honestly couldn’t do another 4 years with Trump in office. I think it’s foolish and childish how he’s a grown man and a President and he acts so immature. He is refusing to leave office, he is making false claims and accusations, he is refusing to leave the white house, he’s just so difficult.

Many students also seem excited that a woman of color, Kamala Harris is set to become the country’s first woman of color to hold the position of Vice President. 

“I’m also very proud that Joe and Kamala won because Kamala being VP is such a huge step in society for women of color, women in general, and people of color as well,” Sainristil added. “For years we were thought of as lesser and deprived of proper education so to look at our history and see where we are from where we came from, it’s almost tear jerking. VP Harris was so excited and so was Future President Biden, to know that they will be the next leaders of the country.”