Abel Salazar

Abel Salazar, Reporter

Abel Salazar loves to sleep. On an average day with school, he usually sleeps for 12 hours. He doesn't do much besides doing homework and relaxing. He loves listening to music. It is one of his main motivations. Red, green, and yellow are his favorite colors. He wants to study Biotechnology in college. He went to Peru when he was 5 and got a stuffed animal from there that he still has to this day and doesn't plan on getting rid of it. He is terrified of heights and spiders, yet he still finds horror movies fun and exciting. He also likes romance movies. He enjoys broccoli, doesn't hate it yet doesn't love it, he's pretty neutral on the whole question, in fact, he probably loves it more than hate it. Finally, Abel doesn't have a pet because his house is too small for one but if he got to pick one, he would want a pet chicken, not to eat, just as a pet.

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Abel Salazar