Our favorite holiday movies

The holidays, one of the most cheerful times of the year, brings so much joy and happiness to most people. With every big day event, you bet movies will be released based on that event. Since Christmas is practically here many movies based on Christmas will come flooding in. Here are a few of our favorites.  –Abel Salazar

1. Home Alone

The lead of this story is a kid being left at home after they had an argument with the family. A quick summary about the movie is that a kid named Kevin had an argument with his family and was sent to his room then the next morning the family was supposed to go on a family trip and they forgot to wake up Kevin at home by himself. One day 3 bad guys tried rob the house and Kevin was smart enough to act like there were people home so the bad guys drove off. One day he ordered pizza and used the tv and played a movie and acted like the person was in the house so he can get free pizza. Later on that same week the bad guys came back to rob the house so he is trapped everywhere in the house so the bad guys can get hurt when they can get hurt and won’t be able to catch him more rob the house. –Franck Emile

2. A Christmas Story

It is that time of year the holiday season has started and Christmas is just round the corner and many are excited and when you say Christmas one of the first things that comes to mind is Christmas movies like Home Alone, the Santa Claus, the Grinch, etc. My favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard. I’m kidding! My favorite movie is A Christmas Story. It’s just a pure classic. It is a nice family comedy that you can watch any time whether it is Christmas or the middle of summer because it is that good. The movie is about a young kid named Ralphie who all he wanted for Christmas was a Red Ryder bb gun and everyone thinks he is crazy for wanting it but the plot is just about a young boy’s life leading up to Christmas and they go through it all but it is not enough just me explaining it to you. You are better off just watching it. You and your family and kids can watch and laugh your butt off because it is a real funny movie. –Zachary Parlee

3. Frozen 

I don’t really have a favorite holiday movie or anything, but one that I’ve watched is Frozen. Frozen is a movie about this girl named Elsa, who ran away from home, and her sister Anna, had to go find her, and bring her back home. On the journey there, Anna took Olaf with her, and Kristoff. Kristoff had a reindeer, which helped them, to travel there. The reindeer’s name was Sven. They had a few couple challenges while trying to get there. For example they had met a big mystical troll, who was made of snow and ice. The snow monster was trying to destroy them, but they had defeated him. They also met a pack of wolves on the way there too. There was a cold spell in Arendelle. If they didn’t find a way to get rid of the cold, then the people of Arendelle would have freezed to death. Anna was on the way to bringing back the summer warmness. I think Elsa and Anna’s relationship had fallen off too, that was part of the reason why Elsa ran away from Arendelle. I would definitely recommend this movie. It’s a fun movie for kids to watch. And in my opinion it shows a lesson because Anna had to go through many things to get her sister back and end the coldness, which means in life you have to go through the struggle to get to where you want to be, or where you want to get to. –Ansley Jean

4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

In my 16 years of living there has been only one movie that I have consistently watched throughout the year and that is How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  It was originally a book written by Dr. Seuss but it was remade into a movie in 2000. The movie is about how one day a baby of unknown species drift into Whoville on the night that babies are delivered by storks. The baby is named Grinch (played by Josh Ryan Adams) then grows up and as a child he was bullied a lot at school and Christmas Eve. Everyone made fun of him for cutting his face while shaving his child’s beard; he destroyed the class, declared that he hated Christmas and climbed into a cave on Mt. Crumpit to be never seen again…or so the Who’s thought. After 30 or so years there is a child Cindy Lou Who (Taylor Momsen) who after meeting the Grinch briefly decides that she wants to get him to come to Whoville for Christmas but the Grinch has other plans to steal Christmas. The Grinch and his dog Max go around Whoville stealing everything from the town. When the Town wakes up they learn an important lesson that Christmas is about love and family rather than the materialistic things. They then join in the middle of the town around the big tree and sing Christmas carols and this warms the Grinch’s heart so much that it grows 3 sizes. He then returns everything he stole and wins The Holiday Cheermeister award. The movie’s strengths are the makeup and special effects. The movie has a great plot and very strong actors. The movie’s weakness is it could have some more funny scenes because it is funny but it has some boring scenes. If you enjoy Christmas comedies like Elf and Home Alone I would 10/10 recommend this movie. I absolutely am enamored by the set design, the way Whoville feels and looks like nothing from this world. The way the house is so bizarre and the hairstyles make it feel like you are in that world. Compared to the 2020 version, which is animated, it feels like it has more heart and more put into it. Overall this is an amazing movie which every kid should watch on or near Christmas.  –Zakiah Mitchell and Abel Salazar