Outdoor prom? Pool testing? Stolen cars? Highlights from our March Chat with the Principals


We had another chat with our principals on Wednesday, March 17 and here is what we discussed.

On school events and a possible outdoor prom

The first thing we spoke about were events that will happen once school is reopened like prom and graduation. Some activities have been able to start while still abiding by the CDC guidelines. Boys and girls basketball has started, hockey has started, and some students have started practicing for the winter percussion season. Mr. Naumann said that as of right now nothing is confirmed except sports reopening because of CDC guidelines, but hopefully soon we can come up with some Covid-safe ideas like an outdoor prom. He also noted that they are trying to get some information from other schools that have had outdoor events or just events in general so they know how to handle it if they do such a thing like graduation ceremonies and other events. 

On teachers coming back into the building

They both stated that they are very happy everything worked out the way it did and that they can’t wait for teachers to be back in on Monday and can’t wait for the inevitable return of students somewhere down the line. Mr. McCarthy said he was so excited he would be coming in over the weekend to make sure everything was perfect

On students coming back into the building

Everyone is very excited to have the students come back into the building while still keeping everyone as safe as possible. When it’s time for high school students to return, they would like the freshman to get into the building first because they have never been in the building and they still need to learn their way around and how things at the high school work as they have never been in that situation before. Air purifiers are in every classroom and touchless hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed all over the building. There are markings on the floors to keep people at least six feet apart and so people are only moving in one direction in the halls and the stairwells.

On pool testing

Once the school reopens there will be Covid testing and plans in place like pool testing to limit the amount of Covid cases and the spread of Covid in the building. Students will be tested in the form of pool testing, which is when a group of students like a whole class will swab themselves and place all of the swabs in one container to be tested by one test.  It is faster and more cost-effective to do it this way rather than every student being tested individually. Pool testing will be required about once a week. The students will have to test themselves with a swab and if one of the tests comes back positive then all the students in that pool will have to be retested to trace all the other people the student has been in contact with to try and stop the spread as soon as possible. Students who are fully vaccinated will still have to get pool tested because they might still be able to transmit the disease.

On what happens if one student gets Covid after we reopen

They noted that if someone does get or show signs of Covid, they will not be shutting down the schools again. “We will be doing contact tracing if someone does get sick in the rooms,” Mr. Naumann said. “Everyone will have their masks on and when you are seated you should be seated at least three feet apart.  At lunch you’ll be at least six feet apart so hopefully there won’t be a lot of spread,” Naumann said. “If a significant number of people get sick, then it will be up to the Board of Health.”

On grades this year

Grades haven’t been the best overall this school year but there are a few plans being worked on to make sure students succeed this year. Summer school is being discussed along with a grade redemption program that will be during April break where students can improve any grades from a D- to a C.

On their most memorable moments as an educator

One of the most memorable moments Mr. McCarthy had with a student was one of the funniest and most interesting stories. “In my lifetime as an educator I had a student steal a car from a teacher and try to sell it back to him,” McCarthy said. “The teacher was like ‘Hey, my Nissan is missing’ and the kid was saying how he knows a car just like that and he’ll give it for $300. The student later came to my office and we talked all day and they returned the car cleaned, and with $300 in it.” Principal Naumann also opened up about some of the moments that have been the most heart-warming during his career. “Graduation is a big deal for me,” Naumanna said. “When a student walks across that stage and I know the struggles that student has gone through and overcome, that’s really special. But there’s so many others too. Moments for sporting events, moments from drama and seeing it done really well and watch them compete with other schools. There are so many things I can go on and on about,” Naumann said. “That’s why I love my job, it gives me the ability to see kids and have these moments. That’s what it’s all about.”