What do students think next year will look like?


This has been a long and crazy school year. For most of the school year, students were doing school virtually from the comfort of their beds.

However, since we are back in the building for the in-person school, this fall. There are many questions students have. One of these questions is, how will the school be like next year?

Some students think it will be more normal just with small differences.

“Everything else will probably be the same or normal,” freshmen John Gonzales said. “I also expect more students to be in the building because they might make it a requirement to attend school, and all the students that still stay home have to go back in the building”

“Things will probably be the same except more students,” freshman Diego Orellana said.”One thing I’m looking forward to is playing basketball in the school gym, so hopefully, we will be able to do that next year. We hopefully won’t have to eat lunch in there again like this year.”

“I hope they just go back to a normal school,” freshmen Blake Harden said.

“I think it’ll be a little more ‘normal’ like we would still have to use masks, and sanitize everything but I feel like most of the students will be back in school,” junior Amanda Alonzo said.

“I think next year will look relatively normal. I think students may still have their masks on if they want to,” junior Luka Papa said.

There are also concerns students have about going back to school.

“Hopefully we don’t have to wear masks,” Gonzales said.

“There may be restrictions on how many people can be in classrooms, I’m expecting a full in-person school year with like slight precautions,” Papa said.

“I feel like most people will also be vaccinated so there would be some who wouldn’t wear masks cause it’s not mandatory you know?” Alonzo said. “I don’t really know to be honest the desks will probably still be at least feet apart but we’ll start not being so online anymore I’m guessing.”

 Overall students are hopeful that next year everything will go back to normal just like pre-covid.