Alumni start nonprofit to distribute new books that promote inclusivity to schools

Two former EHS students, Haley Peloquin and Jada Vaughan, formed a nonprofit to raise money to purchase books that promote inclusion and social justice themes for our K-8 students. They are planning to distribute them to students in our e-learning centers in a few weeks.

School Committee member Marcony Almeida Barros sponsored the item on the agenda. Peloquin and Vaughan approached him last summer.

The District of Equality, Inc. is an Everett based nonprofit organization that strives to provide an open platform for community members to discuss their experiences with injustices in America as well as educate, communicate, and raise money for local charities.

DoE is focused primarily on spreading education and promoting conversations about all injustices in America during the current health crisis until more in person events are able to take place.

In their first fundraiser, the program teamed up with Soulside Skincare, another Everett small business run entirely by EHS graduates. They designed a custom soap line called Sage & Solidarity, from which 100% of the proceeds went to a charity pool to buy books to promote inclusivity for Everett students.

After selling the soaps the group raised about $640 and have been able to raise an additional $771 from other outside donors. In total, they were able to donate about 325 books.

To reach out to either Peloquin or Vaughan for more information, please refer to their contact info below:

[email protected]

[email protected]