Song review: “Easy on Me” by Adele

Song review: Easy on Me by Adele

Luara Alves

Written and sang by Adele herself, this song is very sentimental and talks about the end of her love story and how she didn’t have a chance to think it through because she was so young. She gave up her life for her boyfriend and child so she asks to go easy on her.

I love singing to Adele and this song has such a simple melody with the piano in the background and her voice is spectacular, the way she has the agility to do those runs while switching chest to head voice. Also there’s not a lot of high notes, what makes this song hard is the breath control and support that you need to have to sing it and the expertise/practice you have to have to sing this.

I’ve been listening to this in repeat because I love her and I’m singing this 24/7 and I still think I’m not perfect at it. My runs have to still be faster and sharper, also in the end of the music I keep losing my support so I need to practice on that. Learning to sing this reminds me of when I was learning to sing “Burn” from Hamilton which is a really hard song like this one but in a different way.

Overall what gets me stuck to this song in repeat is the fact that it’s so relatable and touchable. Also the fact that the melody and writing is just masterful.

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