Song review: “Nobody” by Mitski

Song review: Nobody by Mitski

Bryan Elias Mendez

“Nobody” by Mitski is a good song that I enjoy listening to a lot. I found it out through Instagram a while back. I recently made a new playlist too with songs that are similar too so it’s even better.

I really like how the song’s transitions are, the lyrics are also really good and every time I listen to it I feel like I’m in a whole different world. The beats of the song really fit the mood and lyrics of the song and also it’s a really good beat in the back that the instrumental alone is good to listen to.

My favorite part is the transition from the beginning to the chorus when the beat kind of breaks down then it starts going “Nobody Nobody..” I just think that part is really satisfying to hear.

Every time the song breaks down into the chorus it just sounds so good and every time “Nobody” is repeated it is always said differently so it’s not just another boring song in which the artist repeats the same word over and over again.

I also love how the song starts off slow and then as it goes on it starts getting faster and starts sounding more catchy for the listener, because the part that most people will keep in their memory is that fast part.

Listen to “Nobody” by Mitski: