Ms. Dunn helps all students feel comfortable being themselves


Kaylin Seward

During remote learning especially, Ms. Dunn prioritizes students’ mental health and does one-on-one checks with any students who are struggling.

Students cannot learn when they don’t feel comfortable being themselves, nor when they are not getting what they need. It is important for teachers to include all students to make sure they all have equal opportunity for their future. This means making adjustments, accommodations, and going the extra step in order to help the students if needed.

When I think of a teacher who portrays embracing everyone for their different cultures and backgrounds in the classroom, my mind immediately goes to Ms. Dunn.  I asked her about 18 questions all related to how she brings everyone’s differences together. She said that she always tries to learn more about her students lives outside of the classroom to get to know them more as a human being rather than just her student.

She thinks embracing who they are and where they come from is important. She always makes sure to give her own opinion and experiences but never pushes them onto others. This shows the students that it’s okay to be who you are, make mistakes, and own them.

She pushes them to be the best they can be and offers support and help wherever it is needed. If someone is seriously struggling she has a one-on-one with them to check in on them and what the situation is. Due to remote learning, she has been putting her students’ mental health first and teaches to them and not by the book. She says she never lowers her expectations because that would mean she is doubting them. Ms. Dunn believes in her students and makes sure she tells them this for them to believe it as well.

I personally think culture in the classroom setting plays a huge role in both students and teachers lives. Culture helps people relate to others. It is also interesting to me to hear about other people’s cultures, practices, and experiences. It opens your eyes about how everyone is different and this should be embraced. If everyone was the same, people wouldn’t learn as much and it would be boring.

Everyone being unique and having their own story brings true vaIue to a classroom and I’m grateful that is something I’ve gotten to see in my past 11 years in the Everett Public Schools system. I think it is important for people to feel comfortable and safe in order to learn and express themselves.