Spotlight on our favorite (remote) teachers: Haley Cunningham, advisory “pod”


I don’t even have think about this. Ms. Cunningham is my favorite teacher ever.

I met her freshman year. I’m pretty sure she thought I was some dramatic little girl that loves drama, but that changed as the year went on. I started staying after school with her to work on the door contest we have every year, and I was like the only one in my class that would really stay after and help. The door contest gave me a way to get to know her better and gave us a good bond that I didn’t have with any other teacher.

I found out her love for knitting. One day, I walked into class and saw it on her desk. I asked her if she knew how to do it and she told me yeah she was making a scarf for her friend for Christmas. I’m not gonna lie, it looks so hard but she makes it like a walk in the park. I hope someday I can be as good.

There was another teacher in our advisory which is when I would see her the most, but she was my fav. Whenever I needed anything she was there to give it to me. Whenever I was struggling with school work or showing up to school she would always talk to me and try to find the reason behind it and try to fix the problem.

She never failed to keep it real with me. If I was slacking off or doing bad stuff like skipping she would tell me to get it together and follow in the right footsteps. She always wanted to see the better side of me and only see me happy. She always checked on me in the morning asking if things were okay, making sure I kept up with my homework and showing up to my classes for that day.

It was so hard for me to talk to teachers and communicate just in general because it was hard for me to stay after with them but with her it was like a breeze. I never had her as a teacher for a class which I was so sad about but I always had her close and that was good enough. I used to save all my work and stay after and work on it there or save it for advisory.

With all this remote learning going on and us not being able to be at school, that doesn’t change our bond because I still see her every morning when I wake up. She still makes sure I’m going to my classes, and she’s still there to help me. She’s honestly half the reason I’m still in school because if I didn’t meet her, I would be trying to drop out because of stress or have a million absences and bad grades.

She gives me hope and makes me feel like I can do anything in this world. She’s just the bonus. I’m sad I don’t have her for a full time class but I’m happy I still get to see her everyday. It never gets old seeing her face first thing every morning.

That is, when I can actually wake up on time.