070 Shake delivers on ‘Modus Vivendi’

Dharez Wolcott

   After signing to GOOD Music back in 2016, and being the highlight of Kanye West’s album “Ye”, 22-year-old 070 Shake has released her debut album “Modus Vivendi.” The album is an eclectic, refreshing fusion of genres that string together a focused passage of youth.

   With lush soundscapes flowing from one track to another, the album finds a way to sonically blend with the current of 2020 while still remaining its own thing. Songs like “Rocketship”, the 80s inspired “Guilty Conscious” and “Flight319” really showcase the revitalized sound of 070 Shake’s future. 

    With production from GOOD music’s Mike Dean and Dave Hamelin, the album comes across very polished. The mixing on the album is definitely what pushes the album to the forefront of attention. The drums on the album are smooth and soft but still carry a sense of intensity. 

    My favorite track “Divorce” is slow and dazed to where 070 Shake feels like she stumbles from thought to thought smoothly. “Guilty Conscious” is a take on the 80s while still fusing a sense of 2020 in the trap drums on the second half. The interlude “It’s Forever” smoothly transitioning into “Rocketship” has an airy synth that floats just as much as 070’s vocals. The outro “Flight319” ends the album on a cliffhanger that leaves the listener wanting more while still giving the album closure. 

   In an interview with Vogue, 070 Shake goes on to say the process took about a year and it definitely sounds like it. The random synths and change in drum patterns in the middle of songs come off as very intentional and not something that took place overnight. She also says within the same interview that she’s learned a lot from working with Kanye and the GOOD music influence is shown the most on “Morrow” which feels like the heavy drums are interrupting the track at first. 

  The future for 070 Shake looks very bright and it’ll be interesting to see her grow and develop as a songwriter and an overall artist. As of now, 070 Shake has unlimited potential and definitely more to offer as the new decade begins. She’s the perfect addition to the rest of the GOOD music label and will benefit from simply being associated with the overall camp. I’m hoping her sophomore album comes across just as pure and focused as “Modus Vivendi.”