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School year off to smooth start, most say

Anessa McMillian
Among the changes this year, EHS has a new slogan, “The Tide RISES,” which focuses on the vision of the graduate as a citizen who is resilient, innovative, self-aware, empowered and servicer-minded.

Just like any other school year here at Everett High, with welcoming the freshman, and the return of the other students, this one was just as hectic. With over 2500 students in the building, it took students way longer than usual to get used to it. 

With all of the improvements done in the building during summer, students get to be in a more safe and peaceful environment, but it doesn’t end there. The building has brand new water fountains, better technology and many other things. 

Students feel the difference and improvements everywhere they go in the school, as the population grew at everett high changes stopped being an option and became a necessity, new teachers and staff were hired and security got reinforced, ID’s are now a requirement, and the smoke detectors installed in the bathrooms are a great prevention of nicotine addiction among the students.  

Teachers and students shared their opinions, and spoke highly about the great changes. 

“The school year has been great so far,” student engagement specialist Jerry Boyce said. “It’s early on, kids look eager to learn and I’m looking forward to having a very successful school year, and I’ve been really impressed with everyone getting along responsibly”.

“There is much more emphasis on making sure students are active and engaged in classes,” English teacher Michael Fineran said. “I think we’re still in the filling-out process, organizing classes, and fixing schedules, but it sure feels like everybody is moving in the same direction and working to make things better for everybody. Not to mention that teachers are getting supported by administrators way more, and  issues are being addressed pretty quickly and fairly”.

“The school year so far has been pretty good,” music teacher Corey Crofoot said. “We are still having students coming in and out of classrooms because they are still trying to figure out what they want to do but the students are a lot more active than they were last year.” 

“A lot changed in the past year,” senior Yasmim De Paula said. “I’m a little upset that things only changed in my last school year but I have to admit things are much better, the food got better and we have more options, more supplies for students to have nice classes, better quality everything. I hope once seniors are gone the other students try their best to keep this school a good place.” 

“I like things this way,” senior Vitoria Fernandes Said. Things are actually pretty decent this way. Students are actually getting things done and I think the school is way more well seen nowadays.”

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Alice Andrade, Reporter, Editor
Alice Andrade is a senior who is in her third year of journalism. She is involved in the Newspaper Club and the art department, taking three art classes. Andrade has always shown an interest in art but her art teacher Ms. Pierce further fueled Andrade’s interest in art in junior year. Although interested, Andrade would like to keep journalism and art as a hobby, primarily focusing on forensic science as a career in the near future. “Usually they think of the person that cleans the body up when they die,” Andrade said about people’s perceptions of forensic scientists, “but I definitely don’t want to deal with the dead bodies, just the chill stuff.”
Anessa McMillian, Reporter
Anessa is a senior. Her family came from Barbados, which she still used to visit on vacation up until the pandemic, but now that the covid chaos ended maybe she will get a chance of going back. She was born and raised in Cambridge, but eventually ended up here in Everett. She’s an only child, yet she takes care of four other members of her family (three cats and one dog). With dreams of traveling all over the world as well as a desire to graduate college, her aim is dead set on success and she dreams high. She idolizes her parents which is very noble and a sign that she was raised well.

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