IDs are back!


Alice Andrade

Most students, like Larissa Cezarino pictured here, don’t mind having to wear their IDs.

For years it was not required; now, we need it for everything. 

Everett High School went through some big changes during the summer, and besides the 50 new cameras that were added to the building, the new principal of the school Dennis Lynch made sure to bring the IDs back. 

“I brought the ID policy back for a few reasons,” principal Dennis Lynch said. “Reason number one, last year we had some issues in the building with students that were not actual students, and we also had adults who should not be in the school, so IDs are really important.”

“The second reason is so we get to know everyone and be able to identify who are students and who aren’t,” Lynch said. “But like I said before the most important reason is security. Everett High School has 2300 students which is a lot, plus 250 staff which is also a lot, so we just need to make sure that whoever is here is allowed to be here and needs to be here”.

But is that enough to convince students to wear their ID? The decision that for some people sounded like a good idea also brings with it some conflict. Students are being enforced by staff to wear their ID all day in the building, and yet some still refuse to wear it, sometimes because they feel the picture is ugly and sometimes just because they don’t feel like it. 

 “I think it’s stupid,” junior Gianna Masucci said. “I mean, it’s good for safety reasons but that is pretty much it. If I was the principal I would like to know who and what is coming into the school building, but I don’t know, as a student they see me constantly in the building and they know who I am. I don’t think it should be so much of a big deal if I have my ID on or not.”

Teachers like Nancy Cianchetta have said that to her she feels like ID’s should not be a big deal or how other kids are taking it very personal.

“I worked at the Lincoln Hospital and I had to wear an ID there,” science teacher Nancy Cianchetta said. “I’m used to wearing ID’s. I know that there is an issue with safety and I understand that it’s an inconvenience if you forget your ID. It’s a problem but there is a balance between safety and convenience so I can understand both sides to this issue. To me it doesn’t matter quite so much. Most of my students are very good students but it is nice to be able to pick out someone in the hallway that does not belong at Everett High,” Cianchetta said.

In addition to identifying all students and staff in the building, IDs are being used to get lunch in the cafeteria and scan it late at the front door in the morning. (Nicole Colantonio)

 “Some people forget and not everyone wants to follow the rules and it’s a rather mild inconvenience for most people, and some still don’t want to follow the rules, but is bothersome to have to remind people,” Cianchetta said

Even with the conflict about the IDs being a thing now in school principal, Lynch still think his idea of bringing it back was the best thing he did and he also thinks students are doing a good job following the new rule.

“Honestly, I think students reacted very well so far to the new ID policy,” Lynch said. “Everyday I see a lot of students with their IDs on which is great. Many students may get a little annoyed because I asked the teachers and other staff to enforce the use of the it and sometimes students just forget their ID at home or they leave it in their pockets but if students use their ID all the time like they use their phones it is going to become a habit for them,” Lynch said.  

“The ID color does not matter if you are not a senior, and the reason why seniors have a different one is so they can get their senior special benefits. It is also good to mention that the yellow one is just for staff.” Lynch said.