New lunch specials hit in cafeteria


Shishir Pokhrel

On Wed., May 11, the daily special was the Sante Fe quesadillas.

Students at Everett High are noticing some new changes during lunch. The cafeteria is now offering new specials every day. 

On Friday, April 8, for instance, the cafeteria served Fenway Franks because it was Home Opening Day for the Red Sox. For the week of April 11-14, right before vacation, the specials were the following. On Monday there was a Build-Your-Own-Ramen-Noodle Bar, with a choice of chicken, tofu, cooked egg, fresh snow peas, mushrooms, bok choy, and radish served in homemade broth with noodles. On Tuesday the cafeteria served chicken broccoli alfredo. On Wednesday there was a turkey and cheese quesadilla, and on Thursday it was bone-in BBQ baked chicken.

Student reviews range from “I love it!” to “Maybe it’s just not for me.” However, most seem to like the option to try something new at lunch

“I noticed that people like to eat food when there’s healthier options given to them,” said senior Livia Riggin. “People also really seemed to enjoy it when they used to do the food stands at the left corner of the cafeteria towards the beginning and middle of the school year.”

“As a whole, everyone wants food that’s actually real, and food that’s healthy,” Riggin said. “I think it’s really cool that they’re doing the specials. It’s good to have something new so we’re not eating the same rotation of foods every week for lunch. The lunch today was actually really good. I really liked the ramen. The display was nice too, it came with a little flower and everything and it tasted good too.” 

“Every time there is a daily lunch special I see it and if it catches my attention, I try it,” said senior David Lancheros Ipus. “It is true that most of the time this food is much better than what we normally have, in terms of taste and variation. As for the best food that I have tried on special days, I can mention many dishes, but in general there are three that stand out: the hot dogs, the chicken marinated in orange, and the tortillas with meat.”

“I think the new hot food specials are good,” freshman Angel Hernandez said. “I enjoy the food a little more now. It gives people more options. I feel good about the food though. I think this was a good idea.”

The specials can either be found in Aspen or Principal Naumann will announce during the morning announcements