EHS implements new security measures, including new IDs, alarms and cameras



One of the new security cameras installed in the hallways and near all doors

Rebecca Hickey-Schultz

Over the past few weeks at Everett High, students have received new ID cards, heard blaring alarms, and noticed new cameras have been installed in the building.

After talking to principal Eric Naumann, we discovered that although it seems like it, students can’t open the doors with their new IDs. The blue chip on the back indicates that there’s information on the card that could be swiped if needed but as of right now they cannot open the doors. The only people in the building whose ID’s can open the doors are teachers and staff.

The school is still working on a system that would allow students who are late to swipe their card and make it so students aren’t in the late line for long. As of right now everyone should have a new ID and if you don’t have a new student ID yet, you can go down to the guidance office and see Mrs. Denish who will help get you one. The new IDs are a little more expensive than the old ones so they’re also still trying to figure out what to do when one loses it or something happens to their ID.

However, once the school got the new IDs it didn’t take long to get everyone into the system and for them to do what they needed to do. The new IDs are different from the old ones because of the new capability it could have if it needed to be scanned. Whereas the others didn’t have the capability of being scanned at all.

After the new alarms were put in less and less students have been leaving during the school day which is good. However once you open one of those doors, the alarm will go off and a picture will be taken which will then lead to an email being sent out and students will have to get tracked down and be told to not use those doors.

Although many thought that the lockdown was the reason for the new cameras being put in, it’s not. It’s a combination of all the fights that happened at the beginning of the year and other events that have also caused the cameras to be put in.

People also want to feel safe and secure while in school and once they received the okay from the superintendent, the cameras were put in and installed.