Our recent accomplishments

We asked students to identify one thing they’ve recently accomplished.  While there is a lot of value in attributing these to the students who said them with their name, many preferrred to remain anonymous and we think there’s something special about just reading the whole list together anonymously as a snapshot of where the student body is at at a given moment.  If you enjoy this, feel free to also check out: “Our six-word memoirs” (https://ehscrimsontimes.com/1143/100-elm/our-six-word-memoirs/)

I started taking care of myself.

I got a really good grade on my math test.

I finished an art piece.

I got a good job that pays well and has good benefits for someone my age.

I won an impromptu drawing contest in class last week.

I made a list of everything I need to do to apply to college.

I’m balancing school and two jobs.

I have been showing up to all my classes.

I’m learning to drive.

I finished my college essay.

I’ve been refocusing on school.

I reached my goal for money saved.

I’ve been practicing portrait art.

I got accepted into my top college.

I prepped Thanksgiving dinner for my entire family.

I’ve been trying to understand other peoples’ perspectives on things.

I finally got all As on my report card.

I can bench 215 pounds now after just a few months,

I ran 5.5 miles in an hour.

I’m just lucky to have made it through another day; things have been really hard for me lately.

I became captain of the wrestling team.

I learned most of the codes for the produce items as a cashier at Wegmans.

I woke up this morning.

I’m learning to express myself more.

I got rid of a negative friendship. 

I’ve made “one year” at the company I’m working at.

I got accepted at Salem State University.

I run the parties at Chuck E. Cheese.

I submitted apps to three international colleges.

I’ve been taking care of a foster cat named Mushroom.

I’ve finally developed my own personal art style.

I have started to lose weight so I can join the Army.

I earned two full scholarships from football.

I scored the most goals on the soccer team.

I completed a video game I have been playing for awhile.

I’ve been getting my life together and establishing routines.

I took my girlfriend out on a date.

I got promoted at work.

My friend and I won the Turkey Toss.