Boys volleyball coming to EHS?

Hanadie Laabadla

Lost among the EHS volleyball team’s disappointing season is the fact that this was the first in which the sport was open to boys as well as girls. 

Two years ago, EHS established a boys volleyball club, but as an unofficial team without games, it quickly fell through. That left boys with no way to play volleyball, but it lifted the restriction on boys playing on the girls team. 

This season, Caio Santos and Brandon Ho were allowed to attend in-season practices and became significant both on- and off-the-court. Despite not being able to play in games, their presence at practice and games became crucial to the development of the team. From giving helpful tips to doing one-on-one drills, there is no doubt that their involvement really changed the game for the Everett High girls team. 

“It reminded me of how fun it was to play with other people,” said Santos, “rather than doing drills by myself at home.” 

Santos, a senior, first started playing when he was younger and lived in Brazil. When he moved here to the United States, he was upset to see that there were no opportunities for him to continue playing in middle school. He has been attending volleyball conditioning with the girls team since freshman year, and he said that despite some frustrations, it has been a positive experience. 

“It can feel restricting at times playing with girls,” he said. “It’s like I’m not playing at my full potential without boys.” 

Ho began playing volleyball almost two years ago with a group of friends who enjoyed the game. He quickly became addicted, but naturally he felt some restrictions. 

“I feel like I could finally play at my full capacity if I were with boys,” Ho said, “but I have made more friends because of it.” 

This is an experience he would like to share with EHS boys, and hopefully a sustainable future for the boys team going forward. 

“The club was very shaky,” Ho said, “and we don’t want that to happen to a (potential boys team) in the future.”

Click here for a link to sign up for boys volleyball in the spring: