Parade, food trucks, video games and more: Homecoming festivities enjoyed by all


Kederson Pierre

The crowd in the stands for the game was the largest and most excited it has been in years.

This past Friday was Everett High’s homecoming. There was a parade, a football game, food trucks, and tons of fun activities. For the most part, students really enjoyed the festivities. They had great things to say.

Senior cheerleader Ashley Cordeiro’s smile captures the joy felt by all. (Kederson Pierre)

“Homecoming was good, ” freshmen Kamburly Evora said.

“The homecoming was crazy and I had a lot of fun,”  senior Marques Laforest said.

“I loved it,” senior Fabricio Souza said. “The game was good, and we won, so it was amazing.”

Students weren’t the only ones who enjoyed homecoming. Teachers also seemed to have a lot of fun.

“It was amazing. It was the best we had so far, and I have been here for 15 years,” Julie Ann Whitson, the health coordinator said. “The game was great and we won.”

“I haven’t been to a homecoming since I was in high school and it’s really different because we had bonfires and stuff like that,” military science teacher Sgt. Jeffery Dandridge said. “But it was really fun and I enjoyed myself.”

The principal also spoke positively about the homecoming and had many things to say.

“I thought homecoming was wonderful, ” said Principal Erick Naumann.  “Seeing all the kids march down, march together and participate in all the activities that were there, I thought it was absolutely unbelievable. It was nice to get down there to have all the kids celebrating, and the different kids cheering and the food trucks were great. Everything was just off the charts, unbelievable. It was a wonderful day for the students, for the faculty that helped march and get things together, for Brandon Conde, for everyone wearing red, student participation was through the roof this year, all time high. I have not seen that many students at a game in a long time.”

“It was a good environment, homecoming was very amazing,” coach Greg Bluestein said.  “I did not get the full experience but my kids had a lot of fun jumping on the bouncy house. The team left great and felt the love from the stadium.’

“It was cool, and it was my first time playing in a homecoming game,“ sophomore Jason Stark said.

“I thought it was so much fun, we had a bunch of events for students before the game to kind of parade down to the stadium, and then we had great food, great entertainment, and then it was so much fun to watch Everett Football Team,” math teacher Michael Munoz said.  “I was like at the very back, so it was really cool to see all the students in front. But the police car escort was right behind me, and occasionally they would ring the siren. That was a lot of fun. It definitely felt like we were almost royalty coming down the street. And then I stood to the very end of the game even though we were winning by a lot. I think my favorite part was when we were eating the food and playing games before the football game because it was nice to see a bunch of students and teachers out there just hanging out, talking, laughing, and having a good time.”

“It was different from what we’ve always had,” main office administrative assistant Linda Maloney said. “It seemed like the kids had fun. Homecoming has always been a big deal here in Everett, it’s a tradition, so it was nice that they carried through with it. All the red was beautiful.”

The cheerleaders and marching band were in fine form to help pump up a big crowd at the stadium. (Cindy Portillo)

“I escorted the student parade from Everett High School to the stadium,” school resource officer Stephen Ramuno said. “I very much enjoyed seeing all the school spirit, and students having the chance to celebrate. I think this homecoming was different because we haven’t had it in a few years because of Covid, so this was a great opportunity to let students celebrate.”

“I actually would love to see a big event like this for the next home games,” Whitson said. “I thought it was wonderful. People didn’t love the traffic but even people from the traffic seemed to get into the spirit of the game. The students were just amazing. Just so much joy, finally. It was amazing.”