Most popular Spirit Week in years comes at much needed time


Kederson Pierre

Juniors Sophia Sousa (left) and Julianna Edwards (right) celebrating Twin Tuesday

Spirit Week is back.  With the loss of so many activities over the past year and a half due to Covid, and a rocky start to this year in some ways, an event like this–where students and faculty alike could participate in a fun, community-building activity to lift spirits all around–couldn’t have come at a better time.

Vice principal Andrea Tringali (left) and freshman dean Danielle Bond on Twin Tuesday (Zakiah Mitchell)

“I love it and it seems to make everyone happy.” said freshman dean Danielle Bond. “This year it seems a bit slower because of Covid and people are still getting into the groove of school.” She also has been participating this year and even “twinned ” with vice-principal Andrea Tringali.

“Spirit week has been more popular this year because everyone missed out on school actives last year and everyone is trying to get back to those actives,” said junior Dimitar Dimitrov. 

“It has been very popular this year and there’s been possibly more participation than other years, ” guidance counselor Margaret Thurbide said. “It’s so fun, and really cool to look forward to all the creative outfits. Thurbide also participated in all of the days. 

 “Spirit Week is a little corny but fun,” said senior Marques Laforest. “I didn’t really participate but I think that the turnout was pretty good.”

“I like Spirit Week because it shows how the school comes together and I like that,” said junior Luis Alvarez. 

“I think it’s fun and I think that it’s definitely something we can look forward to. I notice that a lot of the kids seem happier and there weren’t any fights this week,” said sophomore Lauren Freitas.

“I think Spirit Week is awesome,” English teacher Amanda Judd said. “I think it’s a really great time where students can celebrate school spirit, celebrate culture, celebrate just having fun coming together as a community. I’m a big fan.”

“I love Spirit Week,” said English teacher Sarah Simmons. “It’s my favorite part of the year.”

Seniors Pretima Khadka (left) and Veena Haseeb on Multicultural Day.

“I feel like this week, there were a lot more people participating. It’s a lot more people dressing up for culture day, a lot more flags going around, things like that,” said sophomore Jayden Prophete.

“I think it’s great,” EL department head Chelsea McNiff said. “A lot of students and teachers have been dressing up. It’s been very fun to see everyone’s outfit and I think it’s a nice way to build a little bit of a community right now.”

“I think it’s been fun, some people didn’t dress up as much as we did but the people that did are having a fun time,” said Junior Karyana Ellerbe.

“I’ve been enjoying it,” said junior Olivia McCann. 

However, not all students agreed.  “It’s trash and boring,” said junior Karen Escobar.

For the most part though, it was just what the doctor ordered.

“I love it and I think it brings us together as a community,” said physical education teacher Nicole Capra. 

 “I think this year has been one of the best,” junior Marvens Jean said. “It’s fun and exciting to see everyone come together and do something. I feel like Covid took that away from us and we just  needed a week or two something big like this to come together.”

“We needed this.””

— Jackelyne Abranches, senior