A breath of fresh air: Students and teachers enjoy chance to step outside for lunch



Students enjoy the fresh air, mask break, and each others company as they eat lunch on the grass under the trees.

Tackling the coronavirus and having a safe spot to eat was the intention, so Everett High School adopted outside lunch to see if this will give students freedom and a safe spot to eat at the same time. Instead of having 500 people in the same lunch room with a high chance of someone attracting Covid, spreading people out in the field gives it less of a chance to travel. Having outside lunch gives students fresh air and freedom from their masks. The Crimson Times reporters went outside and interviewed some of the students and teachers and asked them how they really felt about it.

“I like that it’s an open environment,” sophomore Damian Ortiz said. “You can take your mask off and be able to breathe a little bit, and it’s just a nice environment.”

“I like being outside. There’s less change of people getting Covid,” sophomore Andy Matute said.

“I’m from Vermont, so I definitely like the fresh air, ” athletic director Tammy Turner said. “I think it’s good for the kids, gets them walking a little bit outside and also gives them a change of scenery.”

“I feel like its less crowded, so it makes it better,” senior Marques Laforest said. “You can take your mask off which makes it easier to breathe and you get to be outside, walk around, have more movement. You can walk around with your friends instead of just sitting inside.”

”I like outside lunch,” junior Justin Zajac said. “But I want the school to give the students more freedom and get rid of the cones, and let students to go to Dunkin Donuts and or Wallgreens.”

“I am a huge fan of outside lunch because it gets everyone outside to get fresh air and you can have a mask break,” freshmen dean Danielle Bond said. “We just need everyone to follow the rules. That’s the hardest part, following the rules and staying within the area that’s locked up.”

“I’m actually a big fan of outside lunch,”  English teacher Dana Oppedisano said. “When I went to Everett High school–the old Everett High School–we went outside for lunch every single day, rain, sleet or cold.”

“I think we should make it part of the yearly routine,” math department chair David Babineau said.

“I think outside lunch is a great idea because it eases up the number of students in the area,” special education department chair Christopher Chase said. “It creates potential and opportunities to get students out of an enclosed environment. It gives us the opportunities to sit down on the grass or under the tree. I think that’s a good idea.”

Outside lunch seems to be enjoyed by most of the students and staff, but this doesn’t mean everyone enjoys it.  There are still students that decide to eat inside. Some might feel very strongly about it, while others really do like it and feel like its a relief in a way.

“I  like outside lunch,”  sophomore Leison Ruiz  said.  “You can walk around. It’s good to be outside and stuff.”