Excerpts from one student’s Senior Capstone


Introduction from vice principal Cory McCarthy:

Students spent time and hours meeting with us at night and weekends preparing. They then came in and drafted and revised introflections on their subject and self assessment and reflections. Each subject required written evidence before completing the 30-45 min presentation. Some students shined, many had to do it over but we believed that it was a rich experience for students who became very emotional and empowered as they were able to leave with something tangible. I wanted to thank all of the advisors who supported their students in a way they will never forget as well as staff who helped students practice presentations and revise introflections.

Self-Reflection by Richard Munoz 

This year in my Math and English course, I know I did not perform well because I
didn’t show up for most of it. However, quarter 1 went well for me. I got to know my
teachers and the people in my classes and it was really fun. My goals in both courses
are to pass and just graduate to be done with school and move on with my life.
Throughout my high school experience, it was pretty great at the beginning and
then it sort of crashed towards junior year and here I am making the project that decides
if I graduate or not. Many obstacles these past 4 years include waking up extremely
early to show up, having to work hard in class for 6 hours and then having to go to work
after with no break, and before work became serious because I was involved in the
soccer program for 3 years here at Everett High and played Varsity when I was a
sophomore and Junior. I had intense training for a few hours after school and then
either head home and do homework or go straight to bed for class the next morning. It
was tough but I’m still here and managing. I’m happy though, because although there
were big obstacles, hopefully I will have my diploma. I have made many new friends,
The teachers have helped me get through which makes them “The Real Ones”. Lastly I
finally became an adult at 18 which is a large accomplishment as well.
Plans I have after High school include, Moving forward with my dreams as a
mechanic by either attending a trade program, or getting into sales whether it be selling
cars or getting into stocks. If my dream jobs don’t work out in my future I’m going to just
continue working and live comfortably doing so at the restaurant and just work my way
up to become a server or bartender or even maybe a manager. Finally, after high school
I want to travel to new countries I have never learned about, understand their cultures,
recognize the great places to look at, try new foods and see which ones I like. Finally I
plan on saving up money, enough to the point where I have my car, my house, and my
business or work comfortably.

PDF of presentation slides: ELA capstone (1)

Video excerpt from presentation: